Basic Moving Head

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

This xml document is GDTF compliant and describes a basic moving head that has one DMX mode and is controlled by seven DMX channels.

<GDTF DataVersion="0.7">

Fixture type node: Description of basic attributes such as name and manufacturer of the device described using this GDTF fixture type.

 <FixtureType Name="Basic moving head" ShortName="BMH" Description="Moving head with basic functionality" Manufacturer="GDTF example" FixtureTypeID="00 00 00 00 9D 13 00 00 C9 2D C1 C7 6F 58 3F 46">

Attribute Definitions: This section describes all attributes and the subattributes used in the fixture type and their dependencies.


Activation Groups: This section is used to define attribute groups which are to be used together.

            <ActivationGroups />

Feature Groups: This section is used to define the logical grouping of attributes used in this fixture type. For example, Pan and Tilt attributes are to be grouped together in the feature "PanTilt" which is a child of the feature group "Position".

                <FeatureGroup Name="Dimmer">
                    <Feature Name="Dimmer" />
                <FeatureGroup Name="Position">
                    <Feature Name="PanTilt" />
                <FeatureGroup Name="Gobo">
                    <Feature Name="Gobo" />
                <FeatureGroup Name="Color">
                    <Feature Name="Color" />

Attributes: This section defines attributes and subattributes used in this fixture type. Attributes and their depending subattributes are displayed as a tree structure, while each attribute must have at least one subattribute.

                <Attribute Name="Dimmer" Pretty="Dim" Feature="Dimmer.Dimmer">
                    <SubAttribute Name="Dim" Special="Dimmer" Pretty="Dim" PhysicalUnit="LuminousIntensity" />
                <Attribute Name="Pan" Pretty="P" Feature="Position.PanTilt">
                    <SubAttribute Name="Pan" Special="Pan" Pretty="P" PhysicalUnit="Angle" />
                <Attribute Name="Tilt" Pretty="T" Feature="Position.PanTilt">
                    <SubAttribute Name="Tilt" Special="Tilt" Pretty="T" PhysicalUnit="Angle" />
                <Attribute Name="Gobo1" Pretty="G1" Feature="Gobo.Gobo">
                    <SubAttribute Name="Gobo1" Pretty="Select" />
                <Attribute Name="ColorWheel1" Pretty="C1" Feature="Color.Color">
                    <SubAttribute Name="ColorWheel1" Special="ColorWheel" Pretty="Select" />

Wheels: This section is used to describe all fixture wheels such as color wheels or gobo wheels. Each wheel describes a physical wheel of the device. Each slot of a wheel represents one slot of the physical wheel (e.g., one gobo or one color filter). The order of the slots corresponds the order of the physical slots on the fixture´s gobo wheel, for example.

            <Wheel Name="Colorwheel" SubAttribute="ColorWheel1.ColorWheel1">
                <Slot Name="Open" />
                <Slot Name="Red" Color="0.64,0.33,21,26" />
                <Slot Name="Green" Color="0.3,0.6,71.52" />
                <Slot Name="Blue" Color="0.15,0.06,7.22" />
                <Slot Name="Cyan" Color="0.2247,0.3287,78.74" />
                <Slot Name="Magenta" Color="0.3209,0.1542,28.48" />
                <Slot Name="Yellow" Color="0.4193,0.5053,92.78" />
            <Wheel Name="GoboWheel" SubAttribute="Gobo1.Gobo1">
                <Slot Name="Open" MediaFileName="Open.png" />
                <Slot Name="Gobo 1" MediaFileName="Gobo1.png" />
                <Slot Name="Gobo 2" MediaFileName="Gobo2.png" />
                <Slot Name="Gobo 3" MediaFileName="Gobo3.png" />
                <Slot Name="Gobo 4" MediaFileName="Gobo4.png" />
                <Slot Name="Gobo 5" MediaFileName="Gobo5.png" />

Physical Descriptions: This section describes the physical properties of the device. For example, the CIE xyY value of the fixture type´s different emitter colors.

            <EmitterCollect />

Models: Each device is to be divided into small parts such as Body, Yoke, Head etc. These parts are called "geometries". Each geometry has a separate description of the model as well as a physical description which is displayed below. The model describes the physical values of the parts (Body, Yoke, Head) such as their size. A model can also refer to a 3D model of the part.

            <Model Name="Base" Length="0.3" Width="0.3" Height="0.15" File="Base" />
            <Model Name="Yoke" Length="0.4" Width="0.1" Height="0.3" File="Yoke"/>
            <Model Name="Head" Length="0.25" Width="0.25" Height="0.3" File= "Head"/>

Geometries are the physical description of parts of the device. The order of the geometries reflects the dependencies of the parts of the device. In a basic moving head the pan is located in the Base and it influences the position of the Yoke. The Yoke (tilt), on the other hand, influences the direction the Head is pointing to.

            <Axis Name="Base" Model="Base" From="-270" To="270" Speed="0">
                <Axis Name="Yoke" Model="Yoke" Position="{1.000000,0.000000,0.000000,0.000000}{0.000000,1.000000,0.000000,0.000000}{0.000000,0.000000,1.000000,-0.225000}{0.000000,0.000000,0.000000,1.000000}" From="-130" To="130" Speed="0">
                    <Lamp Name="Head" Model="Head" Position="{1.000000,0.000000,0.000000,0.000000}{0.000000,1.000000,0.000000,0.000000}{0.000000,0.000000,1.000000,-0.100000}{0.000000,0.000000,0.000000,1.000000}" LampType="Discharge" PowerConsumption="1000" LuminousIntensity="10000" ColorTemperature="6500" BeamAngle="18" />

DMX Modes: Each DMX mode describes the logical part of the device in a specific mode. A fixture type can have multiple DMX modes.

            <DMXMode Name="Mode 1" Geometry="Base">

DMX channels: This section describes the DMX patch of a certain mode as well as the function of the channels. The function of a DMX channel is defined by its logical channels, channel functions and channel sets.

                    <DMXChannel Coarse="1" Highlight="FFFFFF" DMXChangeTimeLimit="0" Geometry="Base.Yoke.Head">
                        <LogicalChannel Attribute="Dimmer" >
                            <ChannelFunction SubAttribute="Dim" DMXFrom="000000" PhysicalFrom="0" PhysicalTo="1">
                               <ChannelSet Name="Closed" DMXFrom="000000" PhysicalFrom="0" PhysicalTo="0" />
                               <ChannelSet DMXFrom="010101" />
                               <ChannelSet Name="10%" DMXFrom="19999A" PhysicalFrom="0.1" PhysicalTo="0.1" />
                               <ChannelSet DMXFrom="1A1A1A" />
                               <ChannelSet Name="20%" DMXFrom="333333" PhysicalFrom="0.2" PhysicalTo="0.2" />
                               <ChannelSet DMXFrom="343434" />
                               <ChannelSet Name="30%" DMXFrom="4CCCCD" PhysicalFrom="0.3" PhysicalTo="0.3" />
                               <ChannelSet DMXFrom="4D4D4D" />
                               <ChannelSet Name="40%" DMXFrom="666666" PhysicalFrom="0.4" PhysicalTo="0.4" />
                               <ChannelSet DMXFrom="676767" />
                               <ChannelSet Name="50%" DMXFrom="800000" PhysicalFrom="0.5" PhysicalTo="0.5" />
                               <ChannelSet DMXFrom="818181" />
                               <ChannelSet Name="60%" DMXFrom="999999" PhysicalFrom="0.6" PhysicalTo="0.6" />
                               <ChannelSet DMXFrom="9A9A9A" />
                               <ChannelSet Name="70%" DMXFrom="B33333" PhysicalFrom="0.7" PhysicalTo="0.7" />
                               <ChannelSet DMXFrom="B4B4B4" />
                               <ChannelSet Name="80%" DMXFrom="CCCCCC" PhysicalFrom="0.8" PhysicalTo="0.8" />
                               <ChannelSet DMXFrom="CDCDCD" />
                               <ChannelSet Name="90%" DMXFrom="E66666" PhysicalFrom="0.9" PhysicalTo="0.9" />
                               <ChannelSet DMXFrom="E7E7E7" />
                               <ChannelSet Name="Open" DMXFrom="FFFFFF" PhysicalFrom="1" PhysicalTo="1" />
                    <DMXChannel Coarse="2" Fine="3" Default="800000" DMXChangeTimeLimit="0" Geometry="Base">
                        <LogicalChannel Attribute="Pan">
                            <ChannelFunction SubAttribute="Pan" DMXFrom="000000" PhysicalFrom="-270" PhysicalTo=" 270">
                               <ChannelSet DMXFrom="000000" />
                               <ChannelSet Name="Center" DMXFrom="800000" PhysicalFrom="0" PhysicalTo="0"/>
                               <ChannelSet DMXFrom="818181" />
                    <DMXChannel Coarse="4" Fine="5" Default="800000" DMXChangeTimeLimit="0" Geometry="Base.Yoke">
                        <LogicalChannel Attribute="Tilt">
                            <ChannelFunction SubAttribute="Tilt" DMXFrom="000000" PhysicalFrom="-130" PhysicalTo=" 130">
                               <ChannelSet DMXFrom="000000" />
                               <ChannelSet Name="Center" DMXFrom="800000" PhysicalFrom="0" PhysicalTo="0"/>
                               <ChannelSet DMXFrom="818181" />
					<DMXChannel Coarse="6" Highlight="000000" DMXChangeTimeLimit="0" Geometry="Base.Yoke.Head">
                        <LogicalChannel Attribute="Gobo1">
                            <ChannelFunction SubAttribute="Gobo1" DMXFrom="000000" Wheel="GoboWheel">
                                <ChannelSet Name="Open" DMXFrom="000000" DMXTo="2A2A2A" PhysicalFrom="0" PhysicalTo="0" WheelSlotIndex="1" />
                                <ChannelSet Name="Gobo 1" DMXFrom="2B2B2B" PhysicalFrom="0" PhysicalTo="0." WheelSlotIndex="2" />
                                <ChannelSet Name="Gobo 2" DMXFrom="565656" PhysicalFrom="0" PhysicalTo="0" WheelSlotIndex="3" />
                                <ChannelSet Name="Gobo 3" DMXFrom="818181" PhysicalFrom="0" PhysicalTo="0" WheelSlotIndex="4" />
                                <ChannelSet Name="Gobo 4" DMXFrom="ABABAB" PhysicalFrom="0" PhysicalTo="0" WheelSlotIndex="5" />
                                <ChannelSet Name="Gobo 5" DMXFrom="D5D5D5" PhysicalFrom="0" PhysicalTo="0" WheelSlotIndex="6" />
                    <DMXChannel Coarse="7" Highlight="000000" DMXChangeTimeLimit="0" Geometry="Base.Yoke.Head">
                        <LogicalChannel Attribute="ColorWheel1">
                            <ChannelFunction SubAttribute="ColorWheel1" DMXFrom="000000" Wheel="ColorWheel">
                                <ChannelSet Name="Open" DMXFrom="000000" PhysicalFrom="0" PhysicalTo="0.5" WheelSlotIndex="1" />
                                <ChannelSet Name="Red" DMXFrom="252525" PhysicalFrom="-0.5" PhysicalTo="0.5" WheelSlotIndex="2" />
                                <ChannelSet Name="Green" DMXFrom="4A4A4A" PhysicalFrom="-0.5" PhysicalTo="0.5" WheelSlotIndex="3" />
                                <ChannelSet Name="Blue" DMXFrom="6E6E6E" PhysicalFrom="-0.5" PhysicalTo="0.5" WheelSlotIndex="4" />
                                <ChannelSet Name="Cyan" DMXFrom="939393" PhysicalFrom="-0.5" PhysicalTo="0.5" WheelSlotIndex="5" />
                                <ChannelSet Name="Magenta" DMXFrom="B8B8B8" PhysicalFrom="-0.5" PhysicalTo="0.5" WheelSlotIndex="6" />
                                <ChannelSet Name="Yellow" DMXFrom="DCDCDC" PhysicalFrom="-0.5" PhysicalTo="0" WheelSlotIndex="7" />
                <Relations />

Revisions: This section describes the revision history of the fixture type.

            <Revision Text="Fixture type created" Date="2.2.2018 11:10:02" />

Fixture type presets are used to save fixture type specific presets.

        <FTPresets />

Fixture type macros: This section is used to describe macros of the fixture type that were preprogrammed by the manufacturer of the fixture. This information is used for the visualization of macros of the fixture type in the 3D view. It is also used to start macros on the lighting console.

		<FTMacros />

Fixture type RDM: If the device supports the RDM protocol, this section has to have the corresponding information.

        <FTRDM ManufacturedID="ESTA" DeviceModelID="0">
            <RDMParameters />
                <RDMAbsentNotification />