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  1. Awesome - I appreciate the direction. Thanks for the work you and your team are doing.
  2. Hi all, I wanted to ask about being able to see beams for a fixture I've been working on. When I import previously built GDTF files in an MVR from VW to MA3, I have no issues with beams. When I built a profile for the Chauvet Professional Rogue R1 Wash, I ran into some issues with the beam not being visible. In the 3d visualizer I see a black and yellow caution over the beam itself when I turn on the fixture. I'm also having issues with default DMX values (such as shutter open, color @full) when I import into MA. Lastly, how do I delete my old revisions from the GDTF site for the fixture? Keep up the good work everyone. I plan to add a solid handful of profiles from our inventory.
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