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  1. From what I've seen on other GDTF Descriptions, where ever you have a channel which has more than one linear value (e.g. colour presets, or chase modes) - you add a channel set. So you define a logical channel, and a channel function, then at the bottom right of the builder (you might have to scroll down on the page), you have the option to add a channel set. This is taken straight from the Robe Robin T1 as an example : <LogicalChannel Attribute="AnimationWheel1SelectEffects" DMXChangeTimeLimit="0.000000" Master="None" MibFade="0.000000" Snap="No"> <Channel
  2. Hey @petrvanek, At the moment its a personal project for integration with Unity, however the more it matures as a project over time, the likelihood is that I'd be happy to release it. I'll take a look at the XSD. I'm currently using the Robe files as a base to generate a XML C# serialiser. I'm just worried that if I put in a GDTF file of a fixture that had an animation wheel, and the robe file I've generated the serialiser base with doesn't - than I'd loose having that as functionality within my scripts as it was never implemented. I guess this is something I just need to keep
  3. Hi All, I'm in the midst of coding a GDTF file viewer for a project I'm working on. I'm currently trying to make sure that I have all the possible attributes listed so that my program doesn't error when a user uploads a GDTF file. Is there an XML file (description.xml) which has every attribute and property in it so that I can use it for parsing and testing? Thanks all!
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