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New Functionality

+Create a Wheel directly in the Additional Properties Dialog of a Channel Function

+ Added more Tool Tips
+ Added support for RDM
+ Option to define DMX Value using Byte Shifting and Byte Mirroring

+ Use scaling of a 3D resource during upload

+ Edit the color of an input field directly in the color picker dialog

+ Advanced support for Mode Master Containers

+ Warning if a top level geometry is not aligned with the origin

+ Added new default models
+ The Did-You-Mean control can be canceled.

+ Allow deletion of the assigned thumbnail

+ Warning if a high vertex count is reached in complex 3D models
+ DMX Range Errors are now indicated on the Channel Summary

+ Undo Support for changing the Kinematic Chain of Geometries
+ Easier delete Mode Master Container

+ Support for multiple units (mm, m, cm, inch) in Geometry

+ Added Color Indication of axes in Geometry

+ Added option to collapse all Geometries at once
+ Added option to create Multiple Wheel Slot at once
+ Added option to sort DMX Channel of a DMX Mode
+ Added option to collapse all Modes at once
+ Properties of a Logical Channel are now displayed on the DMX main Page rather than in a dialog
+ Added option to create a Channel Function before an existing Channel Function



* Improvements of the Color Picker

* Improvement of Error Indication if GDTFs are not fully defined

* Indicate resize option for side bars
* Improvements of localization

* Improvements of the UI

* DMX Value display is now defined for the whole application rather than per input field

* Improvements of Undo and Redo

* Improved UI to select attributes.


Bug Fixes

Selecting a Channel Function as Mode Master does not suggest to use Channel Functions from the same DMX Channel

It is not allowed to add children to Geometry References.

The DMX Channel Name now reacts to changes of the linked Geometry
Emitter and Filter names have to be unique. If needed, an index is added.

The Revisions from the file are kept when downloading a GDTF file to your hard drive

The Bounding Box is now calculated correctly after changing the kinematic chain
The Model for Geometry References are not created by default.

Keep defined Relations during duplication of a DMX Mode

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