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Reference Geometry and DMX


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When specifying a pixel mappable fixture, you can set up the geometry references and do the positioning just fine. 
There doesn't seem to be a way to specify the "Geometry Reference" that a set of RGB channels relate to. 
Occasionally it seems to try to configure them, changing the RGB attributes in the list to Pixel1_Color_Add_R instead of the default "Geometry Name"_Colour_Add_R. 
I have not managed to reliably make this happen, and can not seem to get another Pixel defined with another RGB attribute set. 

Am I missing something here or is this just incomplete functionality?

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Hi aTOM1C,

please have a look at the Clay Paky Show Batten (DMX Mode: Pixel Engine RGB) I have uploaded to the GDTF Share.

This fixture has a set of 10 LEDs that can be controlled individually.

There is one geometry called "Pixel_RGB" that is referenced to 10 times.


The DMX Channels that control the Emitters are linked to the geometry Pixel_RGB (that one that is referenced to).


The DMX offset of the different Emitters is set in the properties of the Geometry References.


Here is the resulting DMX footprint:



Kind regards,




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So this works fine, thanks for the in depth detail on that. 
What doesn't seem to work yet is fixtures that have no master RGB control. 
The DMX channel entries in the DMX section need to have a DMX channel to occupy, otherwise it doesnt seem to work. 

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