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How to make a lumious character?

Albert Guo

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Exactly what types of mistakes is the builder making?  I just built a 'luminous human figure' in GDTF web builder and it functioned as I expected a 'luminous' human figure to react in MA3 3D window?  The very quick and dirty steps were:


1. Import intended 3D model into the builder, named it "Luminous Human Figure".

2. Added a New Top Level Geometry[Geometry Type: Beam] and linked the 3D model[Luminous Human FIgure] to it.

3. Added a DMX Mode, named it "Luminous Human FIgure", linked my Geometry "Luminous Human FIgure to it.

4. Added a DMX Channel to the Top Level Geometry with the Attribute 'Dimmer'.

5. Filled in the values for the Attribute: Resolution[8bit] Coarse[1]

6. Added Multiple Channel Sets[2]; giving the first empty channel set the name of "Min" with values of 0/0 and the second empty channel set the name of "Max" and the values of 255/255.


At this point it's time to evaluate the profile. I Uploaded it to the Share site, generating the .gdtf formatting and then placed a copy of the GDTF file into the MA3 tree structure and I was able to Patch a unit into the console and view it in the 3D window. As I brought the DIM encoder up, the beam appears at the figure's feet and the body of the figure begins to illuminate from 0-100%.


Perhaps if you share the file in question, I could see what is incorrect with it's structure??



Edited by David "Rex" Whalen
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