Reference a geometry

Geometry References are used to describe equal parts of a multi part fixture that have the same logical and DMX functionality. For example multiple LEDs with single pixel control.

Reference a geometry for creating complex geometries, for example a GDTF file for a lightbar with several emitters.

In our example, the lightbar Showtec Sunstrip, consists of a body with 10 identical emitters.

  • Add a top level geometry for the geometry that is referenced to, for example "Pixel".
Geometry pixel
  • Add the Body as the second top level geometry.
Geometry body
  • Add the geometry references to the pixel as child geometries of the Body.
Geometry reference Dim1-10
Geometry reference Dim1
Geometry reference properties


Geometry reference address
Geometry reference properties Dim 2


Geometry reference body with emitters
Geometry references must only reference to a top level geometry.
  • Link DMX channels related to the emitters to the geometry "Pixel".
Link DMX channel to geometry
You cannot link a DMX channel directly to a geometry reference.
  • Define the DMX channel (offset) depending on the amount of channels, for example one DMX channel for one dimmer or three DMX channels for RGB.
Referenced geometry address offset