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  1. Hello Sorry for my english because is bad. I'm French. I have a problem with my fixture (https://fixtureshare.malighting.com/gma2.php?page=home&manu=Starway&fix=ServoBWS 20R&mode=Mode 30 canaux&rev=35605) for Starway BWS 20R. I used GDTF builder for make this fixture and i have uploaded this with fxture share convert for GrandMa 2. My problem is 3D model because it is not work. The 3D work on GrandMA 3 3D. Thank you if you can help me. Starway@ServoBWS_20R@Mode_30_canaux@LjFredl73_rev_200412.xml Starway@Servo BWS 20R@LJFred 200412.gdtf 210160_SERVOBEAM
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