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  4. Hello, Let me come back to this topic, it is now possible to transfer a gdtf to a MA2 fixture while keeping a functional 3D, only for products with a single emitter however, my question is: - is it planned to do the same with multi instances ?
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  6. Hello, is it possible that someone can create me a DMH-80 Profile? I have tried this many times but it wont work 😞 Nice if 3D will work also. Thank you 🙂 Greetings Julian
  7. If you mean just generic zone control, see for example here the LEDWash 600: https://gdtf-share.com/user.php?name=Robe+Lighting+s.r.o.&page=fixtures&fixtureID=2276 or here, the Spiider: https://gdtf-share.com/user.php?name=Robe+Lighting+s.r.o.&page=fixtures&fixtureID=5846 Or do you mean to define the patterns themselves? This would ideally be done as a Macro, the current spec is focusing on a "DMX macro" that triggers a behavior (lamp on, off...), visual macros (to create patterns) are planned. The DMX Macro could possibly be used but only to some limited extend. Kind Regards Petr
  8. Added as a feature request. https://github.com/mvrdevelopment/spec/issues/93 P.
  9. Has any thought been put into the pollution of the namespace with non-fixture device items, such as this "set/Scaffold/Steve" scaffold that has 3 DMX modes?? and the Robe Omega Clamps.... Sure they can have 0 DMX modes and can have children and such, but is really necessary to be mixed in amongst the fixture definitions? I had a strategy to filter out fixtures with 0 DMX modes, (rather naive I admit) after discovering such a thing existed (Omega Clamp for example)... but now we have Scaffold with 3 DMX modes... Maybe a Manufacturer defined for GenericHardware? Cheers, Hippy
  10. i am building a lamp with something you would be able to call led zones wich should be individually controlled in order to create different specific patterns. is ledzonemode or pixelmode something i could use to do this. if not is there any other way
  11. Thank you for all the reports, appreciated!
  12. The "Add Multiple channel sets" is not doing anything clever like "something through something", it simple adds multiple (x) empty sets. >fully type 'max' for example when I'm in slot2, when slot1 I only have to type 'm' and I'm presented with my previous entries... So this is browser autofill what you mean, i think. Mine suggests completely different things (Firefox 89)... >I've never utilized a 3rd party manager for copy/pasting, Once you start using it, there is no way back. 🙂 Set the "Show the tray menu" to something you can easily evoke, i have it to Ctrl-Alt-Z (on a qwerty kbd), or choose one of your clever buttons, this allows you to pop it up fast, you can then either search by typing, fast select required row from the clipboard list by it's number or do some other magic like set vi style nav, so j/k is down/up to keep hands on the home row. cheers 🙂
  13. niclights


    I'm not sure what thinking is behind this property. Typically 'snap' behaviour is a function rather than channel level property (for example in a shutter control, I would consider 'closed' and 'open' function ranges as 'snap' while strobe rate is not (ie. fadable/proportional/preferred terminology). I know we used to have a similar instant/fade property in the old Classic software which was helpful if, for example, you had two or more controls in a cue a fade time would apply to controls set to fade (for example pan/tilt or dimmer etc.) whereas those set to 'instant' would go to that value immediately (for example something like gobo). But this was in software from simpler times where a cue could only have a global fade time. Now it is possible to specify times per control per cue in many consoles making this mostly obsolete. The reason I mention this is I'm not sure how many controllers or visualisers currently utilise this or what they do with it (in terms of what your expectations might be).
  14. No, no...not that button[Auto-fill Channel Sets]. Sorry if I'm misunderstanding...the process. I'm speaking of the "Add Multiple Channel Sets" button and the dialog that pops with 2 as the default value, assuming for a min-max range setup? The first slot browser autofills/suggests and each subsequent entry field does not when you add multiple presets for the range of DMX? So I end up having to fully type 'max' for example when I'm in slot2, when slot1 I only have to type 'm' and I'm presented with my previous entries... I wasn't dividing up the Attribute into separate ranges/functions, assuming that is what the feature is intended for? As in a Shutter, where 'off' is one function of the Channel, 'strobe' is another, etc...I'm not doing that. I've never utilized a 3rd party manager for copy/pasting, hmmm....I do like to see a populated list though, for selection, on the fly when I'm already in an active entry field. As it is, I left hand the text entry bits and right hand the mouse for click selection and 10-key entry, ;), PC gamer style...swapping tween mouse and 10-key. This KB actually has a set of 18x3 pages of 'hot buttons' to map to functions as well, so a 10-key AND an 18-key, FTW. More is always better, no? LOL. Thanks!
  15. Petr Vanek


    The idea was that these are a "truthy and falsey", so they are equal - no equals to off, yes equals to on.
  16. Do you mean "browser autofill", not the builder provided Auto Fill sets, right? (this one: ) I think the generic autofill can actually get in the way a lot and copy/paste seems much safer. I would suggest a clipboard manager, i have been using https://hluk.github.io/CopyQ/ although not on Windows/OSX.
  17. michaelhugi


    Hello I have a question about Snap in LogicalChannel. The enums are: Yes, No, On, Off What is the difference between Yes and On and what is the difference between No and Off?
  18. ...when you add 'Multiple' Channels, do the proceeding slots not autoFill...only the first slot will give the helping hand.
  19. It may be my system or browser, but I seem to observe that the 'autoFill' feature of 'added' Channel Sets do not autoFill any previous entry. The first block will suggest previous entries, but any subsequent entry will not suggest the same values I keep inputting into those slots?? Ex: on a rotation attribute I want a [min-home-max] set of presets, I'm always inputting "-180 Degrees" in the first slot and it always autoFills when I've got a few characters typed and I see more than a single entry[as I would expect], but in the second slot, which would be a 'home' or "0 Degrees" entry name, it never suggests anything to help save a few keystrokes...or the final channel set. I'm always fully typing the name. I guess I could Copy/Paste Channels??
  20. Our second webinar in the Manufacturer Webinar Series is taking place on Wednesday, June 30 at 11am ET. This webinar, "Using GDTF and MVR in Vectorworks" will be presented by Vectorworks. Be sure to register at the link below and ask any questions during our live Q&A at the end of the presentation! REGISTER HERE! Learning Objectives: • Learn how to integrate GDTF and MVR into your Vectorworks workflow • Understand the process to edit fixtures within the web pallet feature • Discover the best method to export an MVR into Vision and MA 3
  21. >i'm writing an open-source GDTF-Parser for Rust Great! >Page 35 ChannelFunction.ModeMaster is not defined as optional but in some GDTF-Files from GDTF-Share there is nothing there... Thank you for the report. If you encounter more unclear places, please report to https://github.com/mvrdevelopment/spec/issues thank you Petr
  22. Hi @michaelhugi, yes, this is currently being developed. There is an existing API that the builder already uses and it is being extended to allow data consumers to pull the data and also data creators to upload the data. Kind regards Petr
  23. michaelhugi


    Since I'm writing an open-source GDTF-Parser I was wondering how the files are distributed. As far as I know you can download some GDTF-Files manually from gdtf-share. I think GDTF is something the industry really needs. So to push the format all manufacturers of software would immensly benefit if they could just access gdtf-share from inside their application so the user does not need to download files manually. Is there an API for such a workflow and if not, is there one planned? If nothing is planned, would you be interested if I help developing such an API?
  24. Hello I'm writing an open-source GDTF-Parser for Rust. For me it's not 100% clear which attributes are optional and which are required. On some attributes in the description is written optional so I suggested if there is no optional in the comment field, it's required. During testing I had a crash because on Page 35 ChannelFunction.ModeMaster is not defined as optional but in some GDTF-Files from GDTF-Share there is nothing there... Did I miss something in the SPEC? Do I have to expect any attribute to be not present? This would be bad because there is no 'null' concept in Rust but only Optionals that have to be declared and then unwrapped every time they are used... I would suggest for the next Version of the specs to add a column to every attribute if it's optional or not.
  25. The latest release of the GDTF Fixture Builder is now live! Enjoy new features, bug fixes, and improvements. A detailed list can be found below:
  26. I reported the not loading file, the problem might be that three.js which we are using might not load it, which could be the issue. I did try another three.js based viewer and it worked, but the loader might be different under the hood there... we will see that the devs will have to say... cheers P.
  27. The channel default is defined by logical channel → initial function → channel function default value. The channel function defaults are used when channel functions are switched automatically based on channel dependencies. In that moment, the uses might want to have a value different then the lower bound of the channel function, for example to have a middle value.
  28. I've never utilized Blender, may have installed it once eons ago. I'm a C4D user and that is where I can set my Import/Export units... LOL, not 'weird' to me at all, the jank coming out of Max with any plugin/modifier stack. Ya, bypass Autodesk and find ANY other 3DS exporter! ...the issues are probably with the FBX handshake and back out again. I do like FBX, but there seems to be so many flavours of it?? Enjoy!
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