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  2. Hi! Fooling around a bit with the profile i got it working in MA3 3D by changing the first logical channels "Physical From/To" to 1 in both fields. But is this the right way of building the channel? Etan@Etan_101@Rev_1.6.gdtf
  3. Hello, Presumably you are adding Shutter instead of a Strobe, that's maybe why it's not working. Posting a GDTF file here can increase a chance that someone will look at it and can help you. Cheers P.
  4. Hi! When I add any kind of strobe/shutter function to my channel i get no output in MA3 3D unless i bring the channel up to at least 45%. Judging by the channel list for the fixture i should have output when that channel is at 0 and different strobe modes after that. How should I define the Strobe channel for it to work properly? For the moment I cant get my hands on the fixture to see how it actually acts in real life. Its a led mover that one of our suppliers bought a bunch of a few years ago that we use from time to time All tips are very appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello @SergeG, is there a GDTF file you could post here for people to look at? cheers P.
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  7. Hello all, we have made a public release of the libMVRgdtf library which makes it much more easy for software authors and companies to be able to implement and utilize GDTF and MVR in their products. We had previously been giving access to the Github libMVRgdtf repo on individual bases, the code has now has been released to the general public. The implementation also included the MVR-xchange communication protocol. The library has been used ever since by the Builder and other software. License allows commercial and closed software usage, but IANAL, so check yourself.
  8. I am trying to modify the latest library of the Chauvet f415 projector since the predefined color wheels do not work in the 3D view of the grandma3. I cannot separate the 2 wheels: I have to open the 2 wheels for the projector to start emitting a color, but the 2 color wheels are independent (a predefined color wheel and a temperature wheel color). How should I make this work?
  9. Hi Petr Thank you very much for your fast Reply and Help. Now it works as expected. Greetings Lukas
  10. Hello Giannis, we describe the "quality" or "size" of the 3D asset by using vertex count, this being in the Spec and also in the Builder. It is a value commonly seen in 3D software like Blender. I am not sure what a "polygon" would be meaning here - would that be a triangle? As for the level of detail: One can use the provided GDTF Primitives of base, yoke, head, triangle, sphere... these have been created to be as simple as possible, when no other 3D asses is available. The "default" level has been chosen to be 1200 vertices for the complete fixture. A complete fixture "typically" being a moving head and this has been providing good guidance in our experience, as it makes people aware of the properties of 3D models. So for base/yoke/head fixture, this ends up being some 400 vertices per model. If the fixture has many lenses, these would typically be referenced, but when preparing our 3D assets, if we have a way to test in real software, we look at what the fixture looks like and ensure good first hand experience. The low level of detail allows to provide even simpler models with more decimation, i am not sure if any software is using this at the moment. The high level of detail is there to allow unlimited details to be expressed. Kind regards Petr
  11. Hello, you cannot link the Wheel from the "fast shortcut" of the Channel Function, but you can add it if you open the full modal dialog editing the channel function properties: This then allows you to select gobos for each channel set: Depending on the use case, you will have to test if the software of your choice visualizes ColorMacro... Hope this helps Cheers Petr
  12. Hi I am trying to set up the Eurolite "LED Strobe SMD Pro 132 DMX RGB" fixture in 4 channel mode. The channel 3 has diffrent colour presets. I have created a wheel and made a slot for each channel colour preset. The "ColorMacro(n)" attribute describes that the individual colors can be selected for the channel sets when the corresponding wheel slot is selected. However, I only have the option of defining Physical From and To for the channel sets which is only a numeric value. I cannot find an option to select a wheel here. At the "Color(n)" attribute, I can select the wheel as usual. However, I don't want this channel to react like a colour wheel in the visualisation, but I would like to be able to select the predefined colors using channel sets. How can a wheel be selected for the "ColourMacro(n)" attribute? Thank you in advance for your help. Best Regards Lukas
  13. Could you please provide some guidance on what's the best way to ask manufacturers for the ideal 3D Files to provide all 3 LOD models for a fixture? I would like to have an easy explanation to a CAD engineer so that he can immediately translate the LOD in the table below: The model currently does not have any children. All models of a device combined should not exceed a maximum vertices count of 1200 for the default mesh level of detail. There are three level of details that you can define: Table 33. Mesh level of detail LOD Description Folder 3DS / gltf Low Optional; This is the mesh for fixtures that are far away from the camera. It should have 30% of the the vertexes from the default mesh vertex count. 3ds_low / gltf_low Default This is the default mesh that is used for real time visualization in preprogramming tool. It should have the minimum vertex count possible, while still looking like the fixture in 3D. 3ds / gltf High Optional; This is high quality mesh targeting non-realtime applications, where the vertex count is not that important. There is no limit for the vertex count. 3ds_high / gltf_high Low and High meshes definitions are optional. Place the file with the same name in the defined folder. Sending this table was not always accepted without further questions. For example, the polygon count is also asked back.
  14. No, if the settings doesn't depend on some DMX value.
  15. I'm testing a build fixture Brother_Brother_and_Sons@Compact_Fresnel_Light_-_Wide_-_Single_Color_5600K@REV0.gdtf in MA3. The fixture is Single Color, but on the Color tab the values for R, G and B show up(they don't work). How can I make them disappear, or I did something wrong when I created the fixture?
  16. But is there another way todo it?
  17. Yes. Persistent, not DMX related settings can currently be described via DMX modes.
  18. Follow-up question: If I have a setting in my fixture that, when turned "ON," adds 7 channels to all my DMX modes, how can I implement this? Do I need to define DMX modes with this option "ON" and again with this option "OFF" (as shown in the image)?
  19. That is exactly what >I was looking for. Thank you.
  20. Hello, You are looking for Relations: https://gdtf-share.com/help/en/help/gdtf_how_to/key_handle_mode_dependencies.html
  21. Hi, I'm wondering if there is an "IF" function, or something similar for DMX modes and channels. For example: -I have a DMX mode with 3 channels(1-3CH), but depending on the value of 1CH the properties of the next 2 channels change. - 1CH has the value "1" then 2CH has "x" and 3CH has "y" -1CH has the value "2" then 2CH has "m" and 3CH has "n" -1CH has the value "3" then 2CH has "a" and 3CH has "b" ... And so on
  22. Yep, makes sense. Then you can use a different DMX Mode for each lens (for example fresnel, profile, pc...). And if the lens can change angle but lumens remain the same, you can use the virtual zoom in there too.
  23. I have very different values so I'm going to do the 3 lens option(in the Geometry tab). Thank you for your help.
  24. You can modify the beam angles, that is the function of Zoom. If each lense has very different Lumen values, then you would use different files. If the lumen output is same, you could just use the modes or virtual zoom.
  25. So I could do it with the "Virtual DMX", but I won't be able to modify the beam angles, outputs, etc. for each step.
  26. No, this info would be for visualizer only. You could do it also by DMX mode, yes, then it would be more visible to the customer and also available in the visualization...
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