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  3. Awesome, thank you @NRG Sille. It seems that this is perhaps not in master/2.9 branch of the Blender Community add-ons (i did not dig deeper to figure out the details), thus not in Blender > 2.9 and therefore for 2.9 and up one must install it via custom addons path as described here https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/latest/editors/preferences/addons.html . I did that and it works for me on Blender 2.93.4 .
  4. btw, it is also possible to add the 3ds plugin via preferences in blender, you can find it in the community category
  5. I have updated the 3ds import/export script for blender 2.8+ It is available on github, here is the link : https://github.com/blender/blender-addons-contrib/tree/master/io_scene_3ds
  6. Hello @Petr Vanek, thank you very much for your fast reply!!! You helped me a lot. So for all other users here my workaround: 1. I model the Fixtures in the last Blenders Version 2.93.1 (because I like the new user-interface a lot more then the user-interface in blender v.2.79). 1.1. I model the fixtures topdown (the beam/light is pointing downwards). 2. I export the different parts of the 3D model (Base, Yoke, Head, Lens) separate as obj-files. 2.1. I installed Blender v.2.79 on a USB-Stick in this version I import the different obj-files (check the scale) and export then as 3ds files. 2.2. I import this 3ds file in the gdtf Fixture-Builders and everything is fine. In the gdtf Fixture-Builder and in grandMA3.
  7. Last chance to register for our upcoming webinar, "Understanding Martin Professional's Creation of GDTF Files", which takes place Wednesday, September 8 at 11:00am ET. During this webinar, you'll hear from Wouter Verlinden, product manager at Martin Professional on the construction of GDTF files. The Martin Professional team will show you how the team collects mechanical, photometric and firmware data before compiling it into the vital GDTF file. Also, take this opportunity to assess the Martin Professional team’s detail-oriented approach in creating quality GDTF files before publishing on the share. REGISTER HERE!
  8. Helo @smajehrke, if you wanted to just stay with Blender, what you can do is to use older Blender for the export, as multiple Blender installations can coexist. When looking at your GDTF file, the fixture is pointed up, and the beam is pointing down, so the MA (i have not tested in the console) will likely not show any beam. Other then this, i tried to open the 3DS in another programs and it seems OK. Let me add @dmueller here, he might know why the MA3 3D doesn't show the model.
  9. Hi there, I modeled some Fixtures in Blender (2.93.1). Unfortunately this Blender Version doesn't export 3ds files (the last Blenders Version with 3ds export is 2.79). So I exported my 3D Models as obj and converted them with some online converters into 3ds files. I can import this 3ds file into the Fixture Builder and they look as aspected, but when I import this Fixture in grandMA3 the 3D Model don't work. The Model is displayed in yellow and has no vertices. An example Fixture is: Expolite Tour-Cyc 540 RGBW
  10. Awesome - I appreciate the direction. Thanks for the work you and your team are doing.
  11. Hello @StNic54, thanks for all the work, great! When defining the beam, make sure to use Beam geometry (most likely you did), make sure to use correct Beam type (Spot/Wash), as leaving it defined as None would only provide a "glow" from the geometry but no beam would be drawn. Also, make sure that the geometry is not blocked by another geometry obstructing the output and also that the beam is facing correct way, see here: As for the defaults, this sounds like a MA specific issue of maybe even version specific. Default values are defined per ChannelFunction. Also, there is the Highlight value, which is different from Default. To delete a revision, use the three dots menu β†’ Delete: See more about files management in this post: cheers Petr
  12. Hi all, I wanted to ask about being able to see beams for a fixture I've been working on. When I import previously built GDTF files in an MVR from VW to MA3, I have no issues with beams. When I built a profile for the Chauvet Professional Rogue R1 Wash, I ran into some issues with the beam not being visible. In the 3d visualizer I see a black and yellow caution over the beam itself when I turn on the fixture. I'm also having issues with default DMX values (such as shutter open, color @full) when I import into MA. Lastly, how do I delete my old revisions from the GDTF site for the fixture? Keep up the good work everyone. I plan to add a solid handful of profiles from our inventory.
  13. Hello @Nekojimi, thank you for the report and very sorry about the issue. We use the builder during the day for many hours without data loss. Did you leave the tab/browser and moved on with your work or were you continuously working inside this tab? The data should be periodically stored into the local storage. What browser (version) on which operating system were you using? Thank you, Kind regards Petr
  14. Hello @gabe927, i am very sorry about this experience, thank you for your report. While the browser is a very powerful tool that allows us to write applications in it, to eliminate cross-operating system issues, software distribution, installation and updates, it does have it's limitations and letting the tab to sit idle (and perhaps even allowing the browser/computer to go to sleep) is not advisable and you should always save. Same as you would not let the tab open if you were filing your government tax return. >In more detail, I had been working on this fixture up til around 9:30pm last night, watched a movie, Here is the place where you need to make the save. Depending on operating system, hardware configuration and amount of (free) memory, the computer might decide to kill the tab without any warning. We will see if there is anything that can be done on our side, to mitigate this issue, thank you for reporting. Kind regards Petr
  15. Hello @GGGss, sorry about the issue, this was an unplanned unannounced outage of the hosting provider. Unfortunately, we were not notified by them either. Kind regards Petr
  16. gabe927

    Data Loss

    I just experienced an very disappointing bug with the fixture builder. I was working on a fixture type for many hours last night and I come back only to find that the WIP revision that I saved is missing about 2-3 hours worth of work. In more detail, I had been working on this fixture up til around 9:30pm last night, watched a movie, came back and opened the builder tab I already had opened and continued working on it until 3am at which point I uploaded the fixture revision and went to bed. Come back in the morning to test it only to find that the progress I had made after the movie is completely gone. I know this is the same revision cause the name is the exact same as what I set before going to bed. My only guess is the session had possibly expired after I left my computer idle, but there was no indication on the builder that anything had happened and I was even able to submit a revision long after I had left my computer idle. Data loss like this is completely unacceptable!
  17. I just spent 2 hours working on a GDTF file, only for the fixture builder to expire my session right at the end! After logging back in, I couldn't find any way back into the builder that wasn't "create new fixture", meaning my data is lost. I think there needs to be a mitigation against this - preferably, sessions never expire and data should be autosaved frequently to local storage if possible. Since there is no way to save GDTF files without uploading them to the share there is no way to manually keep backups either.
  18. Since yesterday 16h ETC I'm not able to reach or log in to the Fixture builder... A Maintance page is shown. Is this downtime to be expected in the future? How can one prepare production without the possibility to create GDTF-files?
  19. Hello, Let me come back to this topic, it is now possible to transfer a gdtf to a MA2 fixture while keeping a functional 3D, only for products with a single emitter however, my question is: - is it planned to do the same with multi instances ?
  20. Hello, is it possible that someone can create me a DMH-80 Profile? I have tried this many times but it wont work 😞 Nice if 3D will work also. Thank you πŸ™‚ Greetings Julian
  21. If you mean just generic zone control, see for example here the LEDWash 600: https://gdtf-share.com/user.php?name=Robe+Lighting+s.r.o.&page=fixtures&fixtureID=2276 or here, the Spiider: https://gdtf-share.com/user.php?name=Robe+Lighting+s.r.o.&page=fixtures&fixtureID=5846 Or do you mean to define the patterns themselves? This would ideally be done as a Macro, the current spec is focusing on a "DMX macro" that triggers a behavior (lamp on, off...), visual macros (to create patterns) are planned. The DMX Macro could possibly be used but only to some limited extend. Kind Regards Petr
  22. Added as a feature request. https://github.com/mvrdevelopment/spec/issues/93 P.
  23. Has any thought been put into the pollution of the namespace with non-fixture device items, such as this "set/Scaffold/Steve" scaffold that has 3 DMX modes?? and the Robe Omega Clamps.... Sure they can have 0 DMX modes and can have children and such, but is really necessary to be mixed in amongst the fixture definitions? I had a strategy to filter out fixtures with 0 DMX modes, (rather naive I admit) after discovering such a thing existed (Omega Clamp for example)... but now we have Scaffold with 3 DMX modes... Maybe a Manufacturer defined for GenericHardware? Cheers, Hippy
  24. i am building a lamp with something you would be able to call led zones wich should be individually controlled in order to create different specific patterns. is ledzonemode or pixelmode something i could use to do this. if not is there any other way
  25. Thank you for all the reports, appreciated!
  26. The "Add Multiple channel sets" is not doing anything clever like "something through something", it simple adds multiple (x) empty sets. >fully type 'max' for example when I'm in slot2, when slot1 I only have to type 'm' and I'm presented with my previous entries... So this is browser autofill what you mean, i think. Mine suggests completely different things (Firefox 89)... >I've never utilized a 3rd party manager for copy/pasting, Once you start using it, there is no way back. πŸ™‚ Set the "Show the tray menu" to something you can easily evoke, i have it to Ctrl-Alt-Z (on a qwerty kbd), or choose one of your clever buttons, this allows you to pop it up fast, you can then either search by typing, fast select required row from the clipboard list by it's number or do some other magic like set vi style nav, so j/k is down/up to keep hands on the home row. cheers πŸ™‚
  27. niclights


    I'm not sure what thinking is behind this property. Typically 'snap' behaviour is a function rather than channel level property (for example in a shutter control, I would consider 'closed' and 'open' function ranges as 'snap' while strobe rate is not (ie. fadable/proportional/preferred terminology). I know we used to have a similar instant/fade property in the old Classic software which was helpful if, for example, you had two or more controls in a cue a fade time would apply to controls set to fade (for example pan/tilt or dimmer etc.) whereas those set to 'instant' would go to that value immediately (for example something like gobo). But this was in software from simpler times where a cue could only have a global fade time. Now it is possible to specify times per control per cue in many consoles making this mostly obsolete. The reason I mention this is I'm not sure how many controllers or visualisers currently utilise this or what they do with it (in terms of what your expectations might be).
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