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  2. Hi, After the new updates to MA3 3D window my fixture wont show any dimmer, I know it has somthing to do with the shutter wich is now displayed in the MA3. I have re-built the fixture multiple times and even taken some files from other manufactures that work in the 3d and changed the dmx profile but don´t touch the shutter attribute, when i load it up in MA3 it dosen´t work. the fixtures worked perfect in v1.3 of MA Can someone try to explain?
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  5. >The specs really must permit files to be compressed with deflate. Thank you, we are open to suggestions and proposals. Btw, completely off topic in this thread 🙂
  6. I fully agree with LxLasso here. The specs really must permit files to be compressed with deflate. In fact, it's usually faster if they are compressed - the CPU usage cost is almost always much smaller than the extra data transfer time, even on SSDs! "Uncompressed ZIP" is also something that is not well tested in ZIP libraries. We've already noted that Vectorworks 2019 thru 2021 SP2.1 are creating invalid files with an incorrect ZIP size attribute. Some extractors don't notice (eg Windows and macOS built-in), while others like 7-Zip do and report that the file is corrupt. Th
  7. Thanks for the information. It's strange that it is working normally for some people, but for me almost unusable. If I can be of any assistance I'll be glad to provide any help I can give (testing, more information, etc). For know I'll just use the incomplete gdtf library I managed to create, but leave it on WIP. At least I can control the fixture. Once the issues are sorted out I'll update it with the rest of the information.
  8. You can add virtual pan/tilt to the geometry, which then allows the operator to preset these in places like MA3. For remotely connected visualizer (Vision...), virtual channels would not be transmitted, there you would have to do the adjustment by the tools of the visualizer (if available).
  9. The gdtf-share as a landing page has link to all the major destinations (builder, forum, share, help), the share itself links to builder/forum. We will consider it, thank you.
  10. This is new issue, we have seen this on Friday afternoon. Mark the file WIP @NRG Sille please, before this issue is ironed out. Cheers Petr
  11. We will be pushing some improvements out soon. This is partially related to the recent transition to GDTF 1.1 in the builder (Builder v1.4) and to the move to VPLT as a third party independent entity providing oversight over the hosting, in order to maintain an independence from the founding members. We use the builder every day and while we have seen some issues (and we keep reporting them), we were able to maintain our work normally.
  12. GDTF 1.1 specifies default values for each ChannelFunction, because ChannelFunction could have a value range, which is outside of a default value defined on a Channel. The Channel also has a "default channel function" which is giving default channel behavior.
  13. PS - it is also not possible anymore for me to delete the faulty gdtf in gdtf share. The progress window lasts forever
  14. I got the same problem, yesterday I created a file and uploaded it to gdtf share but after upload the file got messed up so I wanted to edit the file again to fix it, but when I press "Upload" the file in gdtf share does not get replaced and I can not download the fixed filee from the builder. Another question: There is a new option for default DMX in every container, but in case of multiple features in one channel there are now multiple defaults. Whats the sense of this? I attached a screenshot
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  16. Tried another browser (original was Chrome, new was Edge), didn't make much of a difference either. I did find out however that if I just press the upload button directly, instad of going through the tabs that it will upload the file including the changes. However when I refresh the page all new info is still gone, and I have to upload the new gdtf file to continue.
  17. Sorry for the late reply. I do use adblocking software, and turned it off without much result. I also tried this process on another computer with the same experience. I tried to narrow down the problem by changing only a few little things at a time and then refreshing the page and see if the changes saved. It is a bit fickle, but it looks like I have the most problems when I try to edit the channel sets of the first gobo wheel. I can add the empty sets, but as soon as I try to set the wheel slot, or change the dmx information it won't save that and anything I do afterwards. I did manage
  18. Hi. Would it be a good idea with a builder URL link in the GDTF forum?
  19. If you are referencing 'bracket' as a 'rotational' component of a fixture type...whether you want the vector to be 'Pan' or 'Tilt'--never really a 'Roll'/3rd rotation vector on real world fixtures...unless you've created something really funky, or like the S4 barrel 'roll'... Give the 3D model a Geometry Type of [Axis], that will make the 3D model/Geometry a 'rotational' object in the visualization. Now...depending upon your 3rd party visualizer, how that 'movement/rotation' is accomplished[manually--outside of DMX patching], remains to be seen[GUI encoder, entry field, etc]...the sp
  20. I want to create a profile of a strobe and they usual have a bracket. Is there an option to add those to the 3D model, so they can be rotated manualy?
  21. The problem is that the 3DS format itself is unitless. It has no way to specify a real size. There is no formal specification or standard for 3DS, and so there is no accepted scale factor at all. So of course, every application that uses 3DS does it their own way. The majority of CAD and 3D modelling software allows the user to choose whatever units they deem most appropriate when exporting to unitless formats like 3DS. Weirdly the Vectorworks 3DS exporter doesn't do this. VW has arbitrarily decided on mm, so you have to manually work out the scale factors if you need a 3DS ex
  22. Hello @Snabbelicious, do you use any adblocking software? Or have many tabs open? The builder keeps data stored locally in your browser session. If you "just reload" the page, normally the last fixture is stored under the "Restore last session" icon. Or is there a particular sequence that you know would trigger this? Thank you Petr
  23. Hehe, add Inkscape onto your list Rex 🙂 I do not mean which software can open/create SVGs, but if there is any software that utilizes the SVG 2D symbol from GDTF (thumbnail.svg), this is typically used in planning tools.
  24. I am trying to create a gdtf file for the JB Lighting P12 Spot (because for some reason the MA3 does not load the MA2 library). Yesterday I tried the first time, it took 2 hours and at the end it wouldn't upload. When I reloaded the page all my work was gone...The second time I started again from scratch, and halfway through I reloaded the page just to check the session was saving and everything was gone again. Today I was trying for the third time, and for some reason after 10 minutes or so my session does not sync anymore and any work I do after that is lost! I'm slowly adding informati
  25. Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver...can open these files. Web browsers....GIMP...what exactly are you trying to utilize them for? The webBuilder for the fixtureType icon?
  26. Hi all, is there currently any software that utilizes the thumbnail.svg ? thank you P. @moritzs @dmueller @klinzey
  27. Hi all, Below are new features, improvements and bug fixes made to the GDTF Builder. Features GDTF 1.1 Support Support for real acceleration Media server geometries Power consumption Connectors for fixtures Leg height for fixtures Operating temperature by fixtures New default geometries Default channel function for channels and default value for channel functions Animation wheel View channels by geometries in summary page Gradient component to generate
  28. Hi all, We recently released three new updates to the GDTF Share Database. GDTF File Release Status GDTF files now distinguish between "Release" and "Work in progress" (WIP) status. Whenever a user starts to create a GDTF file, the file has "Work in progress" status. Once the user has finished the file, they set it to "Release". To change the status of a revision, enter the context menu of the revision and click "Change release status". A popup appears that gives the opportunity to change the release status. Once the file is set to "Release" it is publicly visible. There
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