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  4. Hello @CharlieWinter, repackaging and re-zipping GDTF and MVR is possible. It could be that gMA3 is not yet supporting compression of the zip archives and that they are expecting a zip but without compression, which is something you can typically set during the zipping process. Hope this helps Petr
  5. In doing some tests with MVR and Vectorworks, I'm interested in how to recompress an MVR after unzipping it to tweak the GeneralSceneDescription XML file. When I recompress the folder [MVR_2025Test_Group] and change the extension back to .mvr, macOS still recognizes it as a ZIP archive rather than a document, and it doesn't appear in the MVR Import in MA3.
  6. Hi, cannot find a GDTF library for Claypaky Sharpy, mode Vector, footprint 20ch. Anyone occasionally has it?
  7. Ah, probably not in any public server....that was many summer fields ago.
  8. Rex is the model you made in the GDTF library? I am looking for something that will visualize an ellipsoidal like MA2 had. Shaper blades is what I am getting stuck on. I like your preset Idea to hold the data. MA3 Patch does seam to need an option to hold static values in the visualizer.
  9. Works pretty well ! Thanks a lot. Just have to add many many beams for each sides of my structure. Just a little problem in ma3 visualizer. All the beams are randomly placed when i patched my fixture. Problem solved by deleting the main geometry's model, but it's ok cause we can see the beam's models when they're off. Thanks a lot for your help Petr.
  10. Hello, you can make the beam large (like a tube) and set the Beam geometry's Beam Type to None or to Glow: See here: https://gdtf-share.com/share.php?page=home&manu=User+Test&fix=RGB+Tube I didn't test in gMA3 but i presume that it would work, Hope this helps, cheers Petr
  11. Hello everyone. First, i hope i'm in the right place to ask question... If not, please tell me... I'd like to create a fixture made of RGB and White Led Stripes. I added meshes from SketchupPro (3ds format), and i would like to make them "Glow" in the ma3 visualiser. I don't want to see the beam, but only the sources, even in a very simple way... I don't need to see all the idividual Leds. Does anyone know how am i suposed to do that ? My fixture is composed of 4 separated led stripes ( 1rgb+3white). I made a "main" geometry with my custom mesh, and 4 sub empty geometry, 1 for each stripes. Added all my Chanels in the GDTF builder, and added virtual dimmers directly in the ma3 fixture builder (v2.0.0.4). I precise that my fixtures works well in the ma3 fixture sheet. Thank's for your answers 😉
  12. If the effect uses 2 channels (16bit) and you want to enter the data in 8bit fashion (0-255 values), you somehow have to define the value for the second channel. In the input field, the first value (from the left) is what you most likely have in your DMX table, the second value (after the slash "/"), is most typically will be 0 for you, except for 255, which will be 255/255 (to have full maximum value). Hope this helps. Maybe discuss this with your R&D people, to have more clarity if needed... they will be able to help you too. cheers Petr
  13. @Petr Vanek - Robe Could you please expand a bit on the DMX values in 8bit mode and how its 2 numbers separated by a "/" (0/0, 128/0, 255/255)?
  14. Hello @CarlosDVS, switching the input field between 8/16/24/32/% is just a view on how you enter the data. So by switching it to 8, you can enter your data in the 8bit, as per your DMX table... see for example here: When switching between these values, you can see what you values look like in different resolutions or a percentage:
  15. Hey Everyone I'm looking for a little clarity on how to program 16bit channels. I'm writing a profile with a 16bit channel(s) that control focus distance. I know how to set the resolution and designate coarse and fine channel numbers, but I need to add additional attributes for pre-defined focus distances. My DMX table gives me values from 0-512, but when I change the channel attribute from 8 to 16bit I'm prompted to enter values between 0-65535 and I'm just not super sure where to go from here. is there any documentation/video resources someone can point me to on the topic? Thanks in advance!
  16. Here is a list of frequent errors we can see some new GDTF authors are making, together with description on how to eliminate these issues. By following this advice you will be creating GDTF files of much better quality. Custom GDTF Attributes Do not define custom attributes. If you think that the attribute you are needing is not in the GDTF Builder, look more closely. In 99%, the needed attribute is already defined in GDTF and thus it allows all software utilizing GDTF to know which real world behavior is described by that GDTF attribute. If unsure about creating a new attribute, ask in the forum, especially if you want to be sure that your GDTF file is correct. Here are some commonly missed GDTF attributes: Dimmer, which is controlling intensity of the device. Do not create an attribute "Intensity". Colors. Do not create "Red" of "Green". These already exist as for example ColorAdd_R, ColorAdd_G, ColorAdd_B for direct color mixing, ColorRGB_Red, ColorRGB_Green, ColorRGB_Blue for indirect color mixing, ColorSub_C, ColorSub_M, ColorSub_Y for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow subtractive color mixing. You can view the list of all GDTF attributes with extended description for each item here. Coarse and Fine Channels When defining a DMX Channel, you can choose a Resolution of the channel. This then allows you to assign a DMX offset for Coarse and Fine, as per image below. Do not create channels "Dimmer Fine" or "Red Fine" channels. Emitters/Filters Only define a color Emitter or a Filter if you have measurements of the colors. Do not define Emitters/Filters to just click some random R, G, B values. 3D Models Ideally, use a real 3D model of the device. If you do not have a 3D model of the fixture, you can use the default head, yoke, base models provided by the GDTF Builder, if these default models look like the real device you are describing. If the default head, yoke, base models do not describe your device correctly, it is often better to use the predefined cube or cylinder as a model. Do not use for example the default base instead of a generic cube, it will look very ugly. Beam Geometry For beam geometry, typically use a cylinder with a small height. Do not use randomly some other predefined models like the head or base. Hope this helps. If unsure, just ask here in the forum. Petr
  17. Hi AyrtonTerrier, Thanks for reporting this issue. We can reproduce it and I will create a ticket. Best Regards, Daniel
  18. Hello everyone, I probably found a problem loading the builder when you open the file from the GDTF share, It seems that the builder loads the file only on the fixture sheet. If you select another sheet before the file is completely loaded, it will not completely load the file and an error may appear. I have attached a video showing the problem The file used is the Zonda 9 FX from AYRTON 2024-04-24 09-30-22.mkv
  19. GDTF Builder has been updated with the following changes: Ensure that when saving a GDTF file, the spinning animation is closed down after file upload procedure Improved GDTF Share performance when saving GDTF files Do not mark DMX Breaks with offsets larger then 512 as errors Ensure correct reading/writing of GDTF files after copy/paste of geometry references
  20. Hello @Brothers, we are hoping for a fix for this to be released this week. It is pretty difficult to reproduce so we hope we are eliminating the issue. cheers Petr
  21. Brothers

    Saving errors

    Hi. I'm having some errors when I save a new fixture. I save the file like in the 1st picture: When I'm opening it again it gives me the following error: And when I check the same channel it looks like this: It happens for all "StrobeModeStrobe" and also for "Tint". After I do it again and save it a 2nd time it works fine. It happened for 9 fixtures since yesterday.
  22. dmueller

    GDTF down?

    Hello Brothers, Thanks for the report. The connection of the grandMA3 to the GDTF Share is now working again. Best regards, Daniel GDTF Team
  23. Brothers

    GDTF down?

    Hi, Is there a problem with the servers? I'm asking because until last week everything could have been found directly in MA3. Now every new upload(from the past week and a half) can't be found. I need to manually download them and import in MA3. It's not a problem, but it was easier to search the fixture directly in MA3.
  24. If you have the opportunity, please visit the GDTF Booth in Hall 12.1 stand B41 at the Prolight + Sound. Open manufacturer meeting is taking place in-person at the GDTF booth, on Wednesday at 4:00pm. Location of the GDTF booth on the PL&S floor plan.
  25. Hello @mgeasey@clearallvisualsllc.com, I don´t really understand what you´re doing to solve this problem. I converted a file for Martin MAC Aura XIP to grandma2 but 3d doesn´t work well (screenshot). Could you explain what you´re exactly adjusting
  26. Hello @vixzy i looked at your file. The important thing to realize is that shutter is a different physical behavior then strobe. Shutter can be open/closed (1/0), while strobe is strobing fast/slow (1/s), so for example 20 for fast, 0.3 for slow. For this, define two channel functions, one for Shutter (Shutter1) one for Strobe (Shutter1Strobe): And then adjust the Channel sets to match the speed of the strobing. See attached file where i split the shutter into two functions. Kind regards Petr Etan@Etan_101@Splitting_Shutter_into_Shutter_and_Strobe.gdtf
  27. Hi! Fooling around a bit with the profile i got it working in MA3 3D by changing the first logical channels "Physical From/To" to 1 in both fields. But is this the right way of building the channel? Etan@Etan_101@Rev_1.6.gdtf
  28. Hello, Presumably you are adding Shutter instead of a Strobe, that's maybe why it's not working. Posting a GDTF file here can increase a chance that someone will look at it and can help you. Cheers P.
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