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  1. Hi there, these attributes still not working so build complex fixtures with parameters linked to effects is not possible. How do you suggest to workaroud to build something like the following? ch_1 "Mode Selector": FX: 000-012 Source Emulation : 013-024 CCT: ... HSI: ... ... ----------------------- ch_2 "FX selector": NoFunction: 000-001 (MMC ch_1 - dmx 013-255) FX_1: 002-003 (MMC ch_1 - dmx 000-012) FX_2: 004-005 (MMC ch_1 - dmx 000-012) FX_3: ...... (MMC ch_1 - dmx 000-012) ... ----------------------- ch_3 "Parameter 1": Saturation: 000-255 (MMC ch_2 - dmx 002 - 003) CCT Range: 000-255 (MMC ch_2 - dmx 004-005) .... ----------------------- ch_4 "Parameter 2": Speed: 000-255 (MMC ch_2 - dmx 002-003) ... ------------------------ And like this for 7 parameters. Thanks for your attention. Best regards. Paolo.
  2. Thank you @Petr Vanek, is the same for VideoEffect(n)Parameter(m). Best regards Paolo
  3. Hi there, Has anyone used the Effects(n)Adjust(m) attribute successfully? After 2 hours of writing dozens of channel sets in dozens of logical channels divided into master containers under this attribute, I uploaded the file to the share. Today I reopened the file in the builder and found an unpleasant surprise; the Effects(1)Adjust(1) attribute and the Effects(1)Adjust(2) attribute have disappeared with all their contents! In practice, I find the dmx channel with only the associated geometry. By uploading the file to the share, all the content of these channels has been deleted! I tried to do it from scratch with only one logical channel, without master container and only one channel sets but I get the same result, it seems that this attribute is simply not recognized, in fact it is not even present in the Summary tab under the Attributes item. Is not even present in the Summary tab under feature groups beam.beam as I expect it should be as per spec: <Attribute Name = "Effects (n) Adjust (m)" Pretty = "FX (n) Adjust (m)" Feature = "Beam. Beam "/> Thanks for your attention. Best regards. Paolo.
  4. Hello @Petr Vanek, yes it is been fixed, perfect. Thanks. Best regards.
  5. Hi there, I wanted to ask if it was possible to add the ability to copy and paste a DMX mode. Duplication is very convenient when you need a base to modify. Being able to copy and paste an entire mode would be really useful when working on a file that shares the same dmx table but has different physical characteristics. At the moment to do this I reopen the original file in the builder, change the physical characteristics and leave the table unchanged, obviously changing UID. This method is very fast and still a solution, but I often work with two builder pages open to pass single attributes from one to the other; it would be very useful to be able to do the same thing even with an entire dmx mode. Thanks for your attention. Best regards. Paolo.
  6. Hi there, I wanted to report a builder behavior that in my opinion should be changed. When a dmx channel is copied and pasted the initial channel function is reset to the first channel function. It would be better if the initial channel function is kept as set in the original channel. Thanks for your attention. Best regards. Paolo.
  7. HI there, I am trying to rename a file in the share but despite having disabled all filters and set to Release + All WIPs I still get the following error: How can I solve this problem? Thanks for your attention. Best regards. Paolo.
  8. Hi there, I wanted to report a strange builder malfunction. Working on a file created previously if I try to change the value of the beam diameter is not saved, just change page and go for example in the dmx tab and return to the geometry tab to see that the new value is not preserved. I wanted to change the beam diameter from 154 to 153 but there is no way, it always goes back to 154. GDTF attached. Prolights@StudioCobDY_60@Rev_0.2.gdtf Thanks for your attention. Best regards. Paolo.
  9. Hi, @mdodge i had the same problem every time i tried to convert a GDTF file. Check that your firewall or antivirus is not blocking port 8082. Best regards. Paolo.
  10. Hi everyone, thanks Daniel for your clarification. I followed your instructions on a file with a different revision than the one uploaded earlier in this conversation and actually the name is now displayed correctly; even for the patch I have no more problems. Can anyone tell me if the PanRotate and TiltRotate functions are currently implemented in the 3d of MA3 as per GDTF 1.1 specifications? I added the attribute and live the fixture works correctly but I don't see continuous Pan and Tilt in 3d. I attach here the fixture that I am testing in this regard. Thank you Best regards Paolo Prolights@Air6Pix@TestingMoreMode2.gdtf
  11. Dear Petr, I followed your directions regarding adding attributes with continuous pan and tilt and changed the header to 1.1. If I try to import this GDTF into MA3 I have two problems: the name is no longer displayed and the patch fails. Maybe I've made other mistakes, but I can't seem to figure them out. Could you please take a look at the file? Thanks Best Regards Air6pix_DMX_CHARTS.pdf Prolights@Air6Pix@RevTest03.gdtf
  12. Hi Petr, this is very good news! Can i compile this in the code and reload the fixture into builder? Cheers Paolo
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