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  1. Hi Petr, this is very good news! Can i compile this in the code and reload the fixture into builder? Cheers Paolo
  2. Hi everyone, there is some news regarding adding attributes to describe continuous pan and tilt? Cheers, Paolo
  3. Dear Community, I've recently uploaded our first manufacturer release library for PROLIGHTS -> ECLHDTWC. I would like to ask if you could give a look (file uploaded on 18th May from me), and please provide comments and suggestion related to eventual area of improvements. As soon as approved a first sample, we will proceed in creating more GDTF profile for our brand in the weeks to come. Thanks for your support in advance. Cheers, Paolo
  4. Hello, i have a problem when make a copy of dmx mode and go in macro section, everytime builder freeze and i have to refresh the page and obviously i lost all not saved work. If i do not copy the dmx mode when i go in macro section everything works well, no builder freezing. Any suggestion? Thanks Best Regards
  5. Hello, somebody can help to understand how i have to build GDTF to visualize linear CCT channel in MA3 3d? Is it possible to do this? I'm tryng to build a six colors Led profiler in 12ch mode. I cannot understand if it is possible to obtain the visualization of the linear CCT in the 3d of the MA3. How can I do it if what I actually see in 3d is the result of the settings of the emmiters? What am I doing wrong? Thanks Best Regards
  6. Hi, i have found a good solution to obtain correct dimension and good quality for models geometry. I'm using pCon.planner (FREE software) to convert DWG into 3ds. Thanks everybody Best Regards
  7. Hi Matt, thanks for your fast replay. We are using SketchUp. My collegue can works with AutoCad, SketchUp and SolidWorks. We have also a complete Vectorworks library well made for all our products but we do not have a Vectorworks license right now to export 3ds. Thanks Best Regards
  8. Hi everyone, I'm starting to build some test fixtures and I'm having problems with the size of the models I import into the builder. I imported a simple 200x200x200 mm cube and checked the "Use File Dimension" option. Once the model is imported I see the correct measurements in the 3d view, but in the left view where the dimensions in mm are shown I have scaled values, to be exact I have 7.9x7.9x7.9 mm instead of 200x200x200 mm. The cube was created in Sketchup and exported in 3ds format, keeping the scale 1: 1 and with the software set in mm. I did this test because with our existing 3ds in v
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