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  1. Hi all, Below are new features, improvements and bug fixes made to the GDTF Builder. Features GDTF 1.1 Support Support for real acceleration Media server geometries Power consumption Connectors for fixtures Leg height for fixtures Operating temperature by fixtures New default geometries Default channel function for channels and default value for channel functions Animation wheel View channels by geometries in summary page Gradient component to generate
  2. Hi all, We recently released three new updates to the GDTF Share Database. GDTF File Release Status GDTF files now distinguish between "Release" and "Work in progress" (WIP) status. Whenever a user starts to create a GDTF file, the file has "Work in progress" status. Once the user has finished the file, they set it to "Release". To change the status of a revision, enter the context menu of the revision and click "Change release status". A popup appears that gives the opportunity to change the release status. Once the file is set to "Release" it is publicly visible. There
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