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  1. Update: It looks like Modes 4 and 5 (Preset 16b/8b) didn't have a defined Attribute for the CTC Logical Channel -> "No Function" ChannelFunction. Setting this also to CTC seems to allow the DMX tab to load properly.
  2. Attached is a gdtf file I'm working on for the Dalis 860. I built it initially in grandMA3 v1.1.4.2, and then exported it as gdtf to tweak in the builder. When I load it and click on the DMX tab, the page doesn't load and I can't go backwards - I have to reload the page (which of course ends the session). Also, I realized I needed a duplicate of the "Mode 1+6 Base" tree (because mode 6 has the same geometry structure but needs a slightly different DMX Break size). But when I duplicate that tree it seems to link lines together (in an order that isn't obvious to me) so that tapping on
  3. ...or it could be that the entire builder is down at the moment. Weird. I was just using it...
  4. For any file I look at on the share, if I click on the {Open in GDTF Builder} button I get an error that the site can't be reached
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