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Halo Around projected gobo in VW

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Hi, I'm new to using GDTF files. I have a small project creating some offline programming for a small venue with some Chauvet Intimidator 260 spots. I use VW and Vision neither of which have this fixture. The good folks at VW sent me a file containing the GDTF profile for this but it contained quite a few errors so I've started editing it using the online builder and have sorted out a few of the issues mostly to do with the shutter where the attribute for "open" parts of the ranges were set to "shutter strobe" rather than just to "shutter" also issues with the gobo.

I've added the detail for the gobo roll section and for the gobo rotate and now the gobo displays which it didn't before. However, the final issue I have which I can't seem to fix is that the gobo when projected in VW Vision has a halo around it. I didn't upload the gobo data and I don't understand how it all ties together. Any help greatly appreciated.

Matt Lee.

Screenshot 2020-12-02 at 11.00.30.png

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Hello @Monkeypuzzle

sorry for a late reply. It seems that the gobo is not in a correct format - it must be well defined in sense of regions:

1 transparent Background
2 opaque region (black)
3 colored region (white or colors)



The GDTF spec defines this in more detail.

As far as particular implementations, best is to check within each manufacturers support/forums.

Hope this helps


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No worries for the delay, I'm enjoying learning the GDTF process. Do you have a link to the extra GDTF detail that you mention? Also, the gobo is a glass magenta with ten white holes (telephone dial type) so on this I guess i don't need have region 2? I guess I should be able to create these in VW and export them as a PNG, oh and finally, does the drawn size of the gobo matter? As long as there is dead space (region 1) the software works out the edges whatever size its drawn. Is that a correct assumption?

Many thanks. Matt

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Hi @Monkeypuzzle,

full GDTF spec is here: https://www.beuth.de/en/technical-rule/din-spec-15800/324748671

Your region #2 would be colored in magenta. But your gobo will still be round, meaning the "roundness" or "gobo holder" is defined by alpha (region #1). Size of the gobo itself doesn't matter (maximum size is 1024x1024), smaller picture will be more pixelized, but yes, the ratio of gobo (that is the region #2) vs the holder (#1) is important (for example for beam reducers).

Hope this helps




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