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Session expiry on GDTF builder causes data loss


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I just spent 2 hours working on a GDTF file, only for the fixture builder to expire my session right at the end! After logging back in, I couldn't find any way back into the builder that wasn't "create new fixture", meaning my data is lost.

I think there needs to be a mitigation against this - preferably, sessions never expire and data should be autosaved frequently to local storage if possible. Since there is no way to save GDTF files without uploading them to the share there is no way to manually keep backups either.

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Hello @Nekojimi,

thank you for the report and very sorry about the issue.

We use the builder during the day for many hours without data loss. Did you leave the tab/browser and moved on with your work or were you continuously working inside this tab? The data should be periodically stored into the local storage.

What browser (version) on which operating system were you using?

Thank you,

Kind regards


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