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Hi all, 

We recently updated the GDTF builder to its latest release version 1.2! Here are the Functions, Improvements and Bug-fixes.

New Functions
GDTF 1.2 Supports DIN SPEC 15800:2022

Horizontal Scrollbar for measurement
Add Reminder for Autosave
Longer Kinematic Chain is now displayed nicer

Fix Crash on empty geometry
Transform Controls in local coordinate space
Beam Diameter is now saved correctly
Preview of the 3D does no longer need to react to the browser screen ratio

All changes in detail
·         Add geometry types
·         Add attributes, sub physical units, and sub channel sets
·         Fix tab cycling issue
·         Scale glb files
·         GDT-1763 Fix GLB Mesh rotation
·         GDT-1755 GDT-1756 Fix Empty template geometry crash
·         GDT-1730 Add Share button on home page
·         Add dmx profiles
·         GDT-1753 Hide Connector Tab
·         GDT-1713 Fix vertice count for glb meshes
·         GDT-1764 Fix primitive type dropdown
·         GDT-1735 Switch TransformControls space to local
·         GDT-1729 Fix scaling for glb meshes
·         GDT-1748 Add Horizontal Scrollbar for measurements
·         GDT-1757 Keep textures for glb files
·         GDT-1714 Add reminder to save
·         GDT-1743 Fix beamDiameter value
·         Link DMX Profiles to subChannelsSets and channel functions
·         GDT 1817 dmx percentage should be 0 to 100 instead of 0 to 1
·         GDT-1823 Add option to unlink DMX Profiles
·         GDT-1812 Cannot enter decimal values with comma for Sub Channel Set Physical from/to
·         GDT-1814 Ratio of the 3D preview depends on the ratio of the browser window
·         GDT 1816 representation of a long kinematic chain does not look nice
·         GDT - 1810 Fix crash of changing attribute of logical channel
·         GDT-1825 DMX Profiles: have parameter entries go ascending
·         GDT-1820 Refresh issue when entering the DMX Profiles page
·         GDT 1821 Cannot see graphical representation of dmx profile if cfc1 to cfc3 is 0
·         GDT-1818 DMX Profiles - prevent adding new point when pressing enter
·         Add thumbnail Offset
·         GDT-1826 Fix Crash for empty logical channel
·         Rework the display of the thumbnail
·         Update links to point to the GitHub Spec

Enjoy working with the next generation of GDTF builder according to the new DIN SPEC 15800. If you have some findings and you are not sure discuss it here in the forum. If you found a bug please report it to help@gdtf-share.com

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