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GDTF File - No Beam Light Up


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manuel_datakolor_25fc.pdfHello, I am trying unsuccessfully to create the gtdf file for the following fixture: Startway Datakolor 75 FC. I created the fixture in gtdf share, it shows me no error and, when I import it into the grandma3 software, the fixture remains desperately black. Impossible to see a light beam. Is there a good soul who can explain to me why the fixture does not work? I've looked at other files in the library and can't see the difference that makes it work for them.

Many thanks !



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Just from a quick and dirty looky-loo after channel check here; you seem to have many beam objects and only the very first one[Beam 1] is under control of the Dimmer attribute in the DMX Tab....plus it's a LED fixture with DIM and perhaps your DIM encoder is not at FULL?? and then adjust color values with RGB??....and the RGB attributes are again, only linked to the Beam 1 Geometry object...


I'm at a gig at the moment and that is what I see as a reason why your fixture is not visualizing as you intend/expect....


I'm sure someone will likely chime in with other observations...good luck!



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