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  1. September 28, 2020 Website migration reinforces GDTF’s promise of open data sharing for manufacturers Columbia, MD (September 28, 2020) —Global design and BIM software provider Vectorworks, Inc. along with founders MA Lighting and Robe lighting have transitioned the General Device Type Format (GDTF) website to VPLT— the German Entertainment Technology Association. This migration will ensure a compliant platform for the exchange and future development of GDTF, which offers manufacturers and users a better way of planning and controlling complex productions from design to implementatio
  2. Hi, Good news: the GDTF group has released the GDTF Fixture Builder v1.10, which was developed based on feedback from early adopters and manufacturers. It’s an ongoing process to simplify the creation of GDTF files, and this is an important step toward that end. In v1.10 of the Fixture Builder, you’ll find RDM support, 3D resource scaling on upload, helpful tool tips, and more. For a full list of new functionality and improvements, check out the Fixture Builder release notes . Plus, the GDTF group continues to receive great feedback from manufacturers who support the file format
  3. New Functionality +Create a Wheel directly in the Additional Properties Dialog of a Channel Function + Added more Tool Tips + Added support for RDM + Option to define DMX Value using Byte Shifting and Byte Mirroring + Use scaling of a 3D resource during upload + Edit the color of an input field directly in the color picker dialog + Advanced support for Mode Master Containers + Warning if a top level geometry is not aligned with the origin + Added new default models + The Did-You-Mean control can be canceled. + Allow deletion of the assigned thumbn
  4. Hello, We are proud to unveil GDTF version 1.0. Beside a number of technical changes, which you can take a look at in detail in the GDTF wiki, we also released the GDTF Builder, which you can access here. Login to this builder using the same credentials you use the database and the forum. Find a video tutorial on gdtf-share.com. As previously announced in the last issue of our newsletter - If you attend this year's Prolight & Sound, you will have the opportunity to learn more regarding GDTF and MVR. We will proudly present both topics at the Robe, the Vector
  5. Hello, It has been a while since you received our first newsletter. What happened since the last newsletter? We released GDTF version 0.89 19th December, 2018. Beside a number of technical changes, which you can take a look at in detail in the GDTF wiki, we also released the GDTF database where you can find current revisions of a first number of fixtures we maintain as examples for you. You can register and login to this database on gdtf-share.com. Feel free to add more entries to the database. Furthermore, we have recently started a forum where you can share question
  6. Hello, First of all, thank you so much for filling out the interest form on the GDTF-share.com website, and thank you for your patience as we continue to work on getting to the version 1.0 release of General Device Type Format (GDTF). The response we've gotten from the industry for GDTF has been tremendous. To date, we've had over 20 companies inquire about working with GDTF. So, what has happened since the announcement? Well, we continue to work with the initial committed companies to further refine the specs of GDTF. As a result, the development of the standard is coming alo
  7. This was originally conceived and jointly developed by the GDTF development group, comprised of Vectorworks, MA Lighting, and Robe. This development group is responsible for any future maintenance and, going forward, will include the founding companies and manufacturers that have adopted the format.
  8. Who is involved in the development and maintenance of the General Device Type Format?
  9. Here in the GDTF Forum. Here you can share questions, success, challenges, and keep yourself updated.
  10. Where can I find more information on the technical specifications of GDTF?
  11. The GDTF Format is adapted by a variety of manufacturers. There are new GDTF files in the GDTF-share every day and there are multiple manufacturers who can read GDTF and/or MVR files in their applications. There are many supporters of this new format – See Who for the current list of manufacturers working to support GDTF.
  12. Do I have to use Vectorworks, MA Lighting, and Robe products exclusively to benefit from this file format?
  13. No. In the future, GDTF may be submitted for review to the ESTA Technical Standards Program, but at this time it is simply an open standards-based format controlled by the founding member companies.
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