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  1. Thank you for the insight Petr. I am digging deeper into the GDTF and wanted to know the correct tolls to use.
  2. @petrvanek Hello Petr, Have you had a chance to re-capture the video? Was the OS Linux?
  3. davidg

    GDTF 3D to MA2

    Thanks @mgeasey@clearallvisualsllc.com! I will try to find a work around.
  4. davidg

    GDTF 3D to MA2

    Thanks @mgeasey@clearallvisualsllc.com!
  5. davidg

    GDTF 3D to MA2

    Robe_lighting_s.r.o.@Robin_Tetra2@18122019.gdtf This is it.
  6. davidg

    GDTF 3D to MA2

    Hello Matt, Yes it is. Its the Robe Tetra2
  7. davidg

    GDTF 3D to MA2

    Hello fellas Please see the picture attached. After I upload from GDTF to MA2, this is what i get in MA3d. But with the same file in MA3, it looks correct to physical fixture. Any thoughts?
  8. davidg

    GDTF 3D to MA2

    Hello everyone, Do the 3D models built in the fixture builder transfer over when imported into MA2? For example, The Robe Tetra has a 3d symbol that works on MA3. Wouldn't the same 3d symbol work when imported in MA2?
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