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  1. Presumably all axis geometries are to be drawn at "home" / 50% position, which means that fixtures with a base that will not orient at a multiple of 90 degrees when the yoke is homed should have their base drawn at an angle, correct? / Lars
  2. Question - when using the GDTF builder a fair amount of validation is done both when editing but also by the fact that the editor does not let you do silly things. What level of checks and verification are applied when uploading a GDTF file (that has not been created in the builder) directly to the share? / Lars
  3. It would be good to resolve this shortcoming very fast. A manufacturer is not likely to risk the details of a fixture that is not complete yet to be leaked onto the share. It would also be nice to get a clarification whether any of the fixture data is actually stored server-side or not when using the editor (for the same reasons of confidential of fixtures not released to the market yet). / Lars
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