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  1. Hi Again Petr I am working on my own Martin Fattron fixture now. Later some Rosco Fixtures. However I now for the second time experience the browser to crash, or update during my work - without saving my work. Do you have a solution for this, or do I need to export every now and then? Is the online builder the tool you as manufactures use as well, or is there a offline tool to use? This seems a bit frustrating. Best from Mathias
  2. To me it seems that Martin did not build their Spectron fixtures with references, as you describe. If I understand you right, @Petr Vanek the Geometry type should be set to "reference" instead. Is that right? Here is the Martin Sceptron. I see at your Robe Tetra 2, that you did reference the LED right?
  3. Thanks a lot for your great guide @Petr Vanek It was just what I needed! I will try it later today! Best from Mathias
  4. Hi @Petr Vanek Thanks for your reply. You might be right. There might be something I don't seem to understand. The geometry don't seem to have any lighting information? or am I the wrong place? See attached: Here the Model "Lens3" reference file. Best from Mathias
  5. Hi All I am trying to edit a Martin sceptron 10 1000 fixture. As default it is emissive. For this project i use it with the Asym optic, and therefore want to adjust the spread of the LED. At the moment the only way i can find, is to edit every single pixel (100 psc.). I really miss a way to edit multiple lines at a once, or a way to copy and paste settings from one to another. Do any of you have a way of doing this? For me the interface seems quite slow, to use. Does the manufacturer really use the same interface, or is there a seperate “pro” interface for them to use? Best from Mathias
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