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Hi All 


I am trying to edit a Martin sceptron 10 1000 fixture. 

As default it is emissive. 


For this project i use it with the Asym optic, and therefore want to adjust the spread of the LED. 

At the moment the only way i can find, is to edit every single pixel (100 psc.). 

I really miss a way to edit multiple lines at a once, or a way to copy and paste settings from one to another. 

Do any of you have a way of doing this? 


For me the interface seems quite slow, to use. 

Does the manufacturer really use the same interface, or is there a seperate “pro” interface for them to use? 


Best from Mathias 

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Hi @Petr Vanek

Thanks for your reply. 

You might be right.
There might be something I don't seem to understand. 

The geometry don't seem to have any lighting information? or am I the wrong place? 
See attached: 



Here the Model "Lens3" reference file.



Best from Mathias 



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Hello @mhersland,

here is what you do:

First, you define your pixel. It will be a new, top level geometry:



this is the model pixel


You define it as a Beam:


Then you go to the DMX and add DMX channels for this pixel, only once:



Then, you go back to the geometry tree and add this pixel to your geometry tree (Add child geometry) as a reference:


and you add it as many times to the geometry tree as many pixels you want to have... essentially, you define it once and then keep clicking the Duplicate selection, or use the Multiple duplication and enter how many pixels you want to add:




 (Here, i added it 4 times). Now you adjust the x and y of each of the referenced pixels1,2,3,4... you must do this manually for each pixel. You will also now define the DMX offset for each pixel: Imagine that this pixel is controlled by RGBW, that is 4 channels. So when you are editing these referenced pixels, edit not only x, y, but also edit the address offset, alway adding 4 to the previous one. First reference will be at 1, second at 1+4=5, next one at 9, next at 13...:


Now, if you look at the Summary tab, you can see that we now have four pixels, each with 4 channels.


This way allows us to have a nicely defined pixel and dmx channels for it, then just reference it as many times as needed. You can change the beam properties of the original Pixel in one place and it is used by the references. The Luminous Flux (if you add this value) of this pixel should be a value of the real individual single pixel. We can now also adjust DMX channels in one central place and these again, are used by the referenced pixels.

The file i used for screenshots is attached here.

Hope this helps





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To me it seems that Martin did not build their Spectron fixtures with references, as you describe. 

If I understand you right, @Petr Vanek the Geometry type should be set to "reference" instead. Is that right? 

Here is the Martin Sceptron. 


I see at your Robe Tetra 2, that you did reference the LED right? 




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Hi Again Petr

I am working on my own Martin Fattron fixture now. Later some Rosco Fixtures. 
However I now for the second time experience the browser to crash, or update during my work - without saving my work. 

Do you have a solution for this, or do I need to export every now and then? 

Is the online builder the tool you as manufactures use as well, or is there a offline tool to use?
This seems a bit frustrating. 

Best from Mathias 

Edited by mhersland
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Hello @mhersland,

we do not experience frequent crashes but we also save regularly. The builder now displays warning after 15 minutes of time with unsaved data, to help you remember to save.

You should make sure that you save when you change tabs/windows for a long time and also ensure that your computer and browser is stable and up to date. What system and browser are you using? What do you see when the crash happens?

Kind regards





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Is it possible to add multiple LEDs to the "top level" pixel?

Concrete we are building a LED strip that has 6 LEDs for each segment, that LEDs always have the same color output. But there can be multiple segments, for example 10. In that case there are 6 x 10 LEDs and there can be 6 different colors possible (each segment a different color), the fixture has than 6 x 4 RGBW DMX Channels. 

How can this be descripted in a GDTF?

Can the "top level" pixel have children?

Many thanks!


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Petr Vanek many thanks for your reply!

Sorry for the late response.

I added a Top Level Geomerty node with name Pixel that contains 6 beam's geometry children one for each LED, with names LED 1, LED 2m LED 3, ....

The Pixel is referenced in the Fixture geometry for each pixel in the strip, using the "link geometry" feature. 

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