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  1. I just noticed that importing a GDTF file into MA3 v1.4.X will strip away my Channel Function Names. MA3 will generate some useless ones instead. E.g. I had 3 channel Functions: No Key / LumeKey / Chroma Key and MA3 change that to: Key 1 / Key 2 / Key 3 (Based on Attribute = "Key") If I change the names in MA3 and export back to Builder those names will appear. Only to disappear again if take it back to MA3. I assume this is a bug in MA3? While on the subject, can anyone explain why MA3 uses Attribute to indicate Channel Function on the Encoder bar? As there is a fair chance the same attribute is in all Channel Functions you often get a list like: G1 G1 G1 G1.....
  2. Hi @petrvanek I looked at some Robe fixtures to see on what geometry you put different functions.... I got confused. Robin BMFL Spot has all functions in the Head except Pan Robin Esprite has control channels in the base - which make sense, but also Animation wheel... Maybe it doesn't matter, but it's not very consistent and not helping me to find best practice. What do these choices affect?
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