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  1. Hello @Petr Vanek, thank you very much for your fast reply!!! You helped me a lot. So for all other users here my workaround: 1. I model the Fixtures in the last Blenders Version 2.93.1 (because I like the new user-interface a lot more then the user-interface in blender v.2.79). 1.1. I model the fixtures topdown (the beam/light is pointing downwards). 2. I export the different parts of the 3D model (Base, Yoke, Head, Lens) separate as obj-files. 2.1. I installed Blender v.2.79 on a USB-Stick in this version I import the different obj-files (check the scale) and export then as 3ds files. 2.2. I import this 3ds file in the gdtf Fixture-Builders and everything is fine. In the gdtf Fixture-Builder and in grandMA3.
  2. Hi there, I modeled some Fixtures in Blender (2.93.1). Unfortunately this Blender Version doesn't export 3ds files (the last Blenders Version with 3ds export is 2.79). So I exported my 3D Models as obj and converted them with some online converters into 3ds files. I can import this 3ds file into the Fixture Builder and they look as aspected, but when I import this Fixture in grandMA3 the 3D Model don't work. The Model is displayed in yellow and has no vertices. An example Fixture is: Expolite Tour-Cyc 540 RGBW
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