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Building led stripes fixture

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Hello everyone.

First, i hope i'm in the right place to ask question... If not, please tell me...

I'd like to create a fixture made of  RGB and White Led Stripes. I added meshes from SketchupPro (3ds format), and i would like to make them "Glow" in the ma3 visualiser. I don't want to see the beam, but only the sources, even in a very simple way... I don't need to see all the idividual Leds. Does anyone know how am i suposed to do that ?

My fixture is composed of 4 separated led stripes ( 1rgb+3white). I made a "main" geometry with my custom mesh, and 4 sub empty geometry, 1 for each stripes. Added all my Chanels in the GDTF builder, and added virtual dimmers directly in the ma3 fixture builder (v2.0.0.4).

I precise that my fixtures works well in the ma3 fixture sheet.


Thank's for your answers 😉

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Works pretty well ! Thanks a lot. Just have to add many many beams for each sides of my structure.

Just a little problem in ma3 visualizer. All the beams are randomly placed when i patched my fixture. Problem solved by deleting the main geometry's model, but it's ok cause we can see the beam's models when they're off.

Thanks a lot for your help Petr.

2d Cube Builder.png

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