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Add Geometry parsing

David "Rex" Whalen

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Observation:: When choosing an existing model from the bottom of the scroll-down menu, the Name of the file/object does not parse over to the Name entry field and you are given the default Geometry string as the name and you cannot edit it to the actual name of the file/object further[delete Model/reImport with proper Name], even though in the Model Tab of the Geometry portion, the name is correct in the Model List...?!  Confusing/frustrating to try and edit the 'name' of existing geometry in the Scene.

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Model file name, model name and geometry name are three separate things. You can have one model (with it's file name and name ) being used (linked) in multiple geometries (of different names). Therefore what you want to change is geometry name, not the model name - that is only a link to the model.

At this point, file names cannot be changed in the builder, but you have full control over them when creating these (3D) files.

... if i understand you correctly... ?




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