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Newsletter of the 28th of March 2019 - Hey, ho, 1.0

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We are proud to unveil GDTF version 1.0.

Beside a number of technical changes, which you can take a look at in detail in the GDTF wiki, we also released the GDTF Builder, which you can access here.

Login to this builder using the same credentials you use the database and the forum.

Find a video tutorial on gdtf-share.com.

As previously announced in the last issue of our newsletter -

If you attend this year's Prolight & Sound, you will have the opportunity to learn more regarding GDTF and MVR. We will proudly present both topics at the Robe, the Vectorworks and the MA booths.

We very much appreciate your interest. It's a true motivation for the entire GDTF development team. During our further development on GDTF and MVR you will receive updates. However, feel free to contact us at any time if you have specific questions or in case you need support. Contact the GDTF group by email info@gdtf-share.com. Or use the forum.

Best regards,
The GDTF Developers

Concerning GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation (European Union regulation 2016/679):
We intend to use your contact information you provided during signing up to using the contact form solely for sending out regular information concerning the further development of GDTF.
It is always possible to unsubscribe from the GDTF-share.com.
If you send us an email to unsubsribe@gdtf-share.com we will delete all collected data from you and send a confirmation.

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