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Martin Quantum Wash

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I created a 3ds for a quantum wash and when I import into GDTF editor I am not sure what I am doing to create this unit. 

Is it like creating a profile in MA2? I am trying to use the GDTF in Vectorworks to transfer into Grand MA 


Let me know 

Quantum .3ds

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Hey Irinker,

Welcome to the forum, Here's a great starting point for your endeavers into GDTF building!


From vectorworks if the GDTF file is the VWX GDTF folder, you should be able to export an MVR, put the created MVR file into your MA3 resource > lib_mvr folder and then import it from the patch.

Hope this helps!



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Visualization models for fixtures in the GDTF format need to be broken down into functioning parts for the system to digest how the fixture is constructed and functions with the Attributes as an object. This means that most 'movingHead' type fixtures will be comprised of at least 3 mesh groupings/objects.  In the wiki, there are visual examples of this segmentation and how to construct a model for the system.

https://gdtf-share.com/wiki/GDTF_File_Description is a rather long description of what a GDTF object is...and how to describe it to the machines; let's hope they don't self realize and revolt on us, dang you Skynet!  



 is the image of the segmented model and Model Collect is the appropriate index for the tables. https://gdtf-share.com/wiki/GDTF_File_Description#Model_Collect


Enjoy and good modeling!


Edited by David "Rex" Whalen
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