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  1. mgeasey@clearallvisualsllc.com

    Assign Same Attribute To Numerous Pieces Of Geometry

    In regards to this, a friend of mine showed me that I was using the references wrong for the "multi instance" features. I didn't make the Pixel side of the fixture. So general note, use the references to save time haha! It would be nice to have a grid or a "calculater" for lack of a better term when dealing with large amounts of identical reference objects, maybe something that can have how many objects with an address field of X and then increment name by 1 or something like that. Cheers! MattG
  2. mgeasey@clearallvisualsllc.com

    Assign Same Attribute To Numerous Pieces Of Geometry

    Hey Y'all, Are there any thoughts about creating some sort of population grid for when there is the same attribute being used on numerous pieces of geometry, i.e. multi cell fixtures that all use RGB or RGBW etc etc attributes. It's becoming way too tedious to have to assign the same attributes over and over on pieces of geometry, ends up just being a huge time suck. Are there any thoughts on how to make this a little more efficient? I understand that of course you have to assign different DMX values to the attriutes, but on the Web GUI at the current moment, going through 3x pop up's and drop downs to assign (multiplied by however many pieces of geometry) just isn't very fun haha! I tried to do copy and paste but of course the error is that that attribute is already assigned to the same piece of geometry, rightfully so. Any thoughts? Cheers! MattG
  3. mgeasey@clearallvisualsllc.com

    Continuous Pan/Tilt Functionality

    Hey Y'all, I was wondering when we might be able to expect the good ol fun functions for all the fixtures with Continuous Rotation Capabilities. Not seeing it as of right now but was curious where it was on the road map for the builder. Cheers! MattG
  4. mgeasey@clearallvisualsllc.com

    3DS Texture Mapping

    Hey Y'all, Are we going to see the implementation of texture mapping for 3DS files on the builder? Currently doesn't seem to be implemented with simple color textures, is this a function that's being worked on? Cheers! MattG
  5. mgeasey@clearallvisualsllc.com

    3DS respect file dimensions??!! Not

    Thanks Petrvanek! Understood on this. yea, with how many programs users can make models in, it would be cool to have a dropdown for what unit the model was exported from for the import. Thanks for the update! Cheers! MattG
  6. mgeasey@clearallvisualsllc.com

    3DS respect file dimensions??!! Not

    Hey Guys, So, Rex is correct in this because I'm getting the same result. I exported a 2m x 2m x 2m cube, very standard, and used the same export setting's I have been using for years with C4D MA3D, solidworks, and 3ds Max, and the import function for models seems like it's 1x 0 off every time. I can bring this 3DS object into all other programs and it retains its correct size and position. Here are 3x screenshots of the 3x different exports I did into the builder
  7. mgeasey@clearallvisualsllc.com

    3DS respect file dimensions??!! Not

    I'm with Rex, I've had to create a workaround in C4D just to get the actual dimensions of each piece of Mesh and then insert them manually. Is it in the pipeline for a future release to accept information from the 3ds like we have been doing with MA3D since it's beginning? Cheers! MattG
  8. mgeasey@clearallvisualsllc.com

    2D Symbol Info for CAD Programs

    Hey Petr, Awesome stuff, is SVG still the preferred method to use for the 2D information? Cheers! MattG
  9. mgeasey@clearallvisualsllc.com

    2D Symbol Info for CAD Programs

    Hey Y'all, I was wondering if the 2D "symbol" for lack of a better term is a feature yet for programs such as Vectorworks and AutoCad. MVR has come along quite nicely which is awesome! So was curious what the timeline might be for this feature if it's still planned! Cheers! MattG
  10. mgeasey@clearallvisualsllc.com

    Big Plan - Small Budget

    Hey Jim! I hope this finds you well. Wanted to see if I could help with your thoughts above. The overall goal for the GDTF database is to help find a common ground between any application that wants to use the info stored in these files by utilizing a certain naming scheme. I'm not a developer so I can't really speak of anything to any coding and such haha! In regards to the lighting manufacturers needing to find more users for their products, GDTF isn't meant to be a marketing tool for them, but merely a better way for them to put all the information about their product into one place and not having to rely on a 3rd Party to correctly understand the functions of their product. (best way I could say it haha!) The building of a GDTF file is still only an option for them, because if certain platforms whether it be a visualizer, CAD program, controller software, etc etc don't have GDTF implemented, then it is on the developer of the application platform to build their own script per their specifications. This is where a lot of info can get lost in translation between the manufacturer and developers, which is why GDTF came about which is great. A wonderful thing about GDTF is that it's not only limited to lighting, it's limited to anything that doesn't utilize the current DMX512 control standard which is toally fine. This could be anything from lighting to video to lasers to well, anything that can be controlled remotely if implemented by DMX512. In regards to an application that utilizes timeline based programming, I'm sure there could be something developed if not already which would then just need to add in the GDTF libraries to their program and then get all the benefits from it. There's a lot of other uses for products out there than just for lighting directors. The market for architectural lighting, large TV shows, special events, etc etc utilize these products as well so GDTF isn't merely being designed for lighting manufacturers only making things for concert lighting. But I agree, I'm sure GB can make a bad ass light show as well 🙂 From what the article was saying about the workflow and increasing efficiencies, with MVR and GDTF implemented into different styles of workflows, this is a small step to a larger vision in getting information to clients in a lesser timeline (pending any circumstances on the project) and more accurately. I hope this helps about why the GDTF library and MVR were put together. Cheers! MattG

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