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    Big Plan - Small Budget

    Hey Jim! I hope this finds you well. Wanted to see if I could help with your thoughts above. The overall goal for the GDTF database is to help find a common ground between any application that wants to use the info stored in these files by utilizing a certain naming scheme. I'm not a developer so I can't really speak of anything to any coding and such haha! In regards to the lighting manufacturers needing to find more users for their products, GDTF isn't meant to be a marketing tool for them, but merely a better way for them to put all the information about their product into one place and not having to rely on a 3rd Party to correctly understand the functions of their product. (best way I could say it haha!) The building of a GDTF file is still only an option for them, because if certain platforms whether it be a visualizer, CAD program, controller software, etc etc don't have GDTF implemented, then it is on the developer of the application platform to build their own script per their specifications. This is where a lot of info can get lost in translation between the manufacturer and developers, which is why GDTF came about which is great. A wonderful thing about GDTF is that it's not only limited to lighting, it's limited to anything that doesn't utilize the current DMX512 control standard which is toally fine. This could be anything from lighting to video to lasers to well, anything that can be controlled remotely if implemented by DMX512. In regards to an application that utilizes timeline based programming, I'm sure there could be something developed if not already which would then just need to add in the GDTF libraries to their program and then get all the benefits from it. There's a lot of other uses for products out there than just for lighting directors. The market for architectural lighting, large TV shows, special events, etc etc utilize these products as well so GDTF isn't merely being designed for lighting manufacturers only making things for concert lighting. But I agree, I'm sure GB can make a bad ass light show as well 🙂 From what the article was saying about the workflow and increasing efficiencies, with MVR and GDTF implemented into different styles of workflows, this is a small step to a larger vision in getting information to clients in a lesser timeline (pending any circumstances on the project) and more accurately. I hope this helps about why the GDTF library and MVR were put together. Cheers! MattG

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