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Color Temp and Color Index


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I'm new on GDTF BUILDER and I'm create my first fixture (Astera AX1). 

I have create good the beam, RGB, dimmer, etc... and it's working really well but !

I don't know how make a parameter for color temp (Need an emitter ? / which parameter dmx ?) 

And the same for the bank lee filter...


Thx for your help.

Sorry for my bad English.

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for "color temp" you can use attribute CTO and define from/to color temperature. This is the Attribute:

Controls the fixture's "Correct to orange" wheel or mixing system. CTO

For your filters, if i understand correctly, the best is to create a Wheel (in the wheel tab), add Slots and assign them colors. Then, link these wheel slots to your Colors in ColorWheel or better color ColorMacro attribute's ChannelSets, in DMX.

Hope this helps


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