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GDTF 1.1 DIN SPEC 15800

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Dear all,

here is a great news to share: DIN Spec validates GDTF as an open standard for the entertainment industry worldwide.


You can read official PRs on links below:





The DIN SPEC 15800 is here for pre-ordering: https://www.beuth.de/en/technical-rule/din-spec-15800/324748671

Besides all the work on DIN certification, version 1.1 brings some good improvements, here is list of changes:

  • Added connectors collect to the physical description.
  • Added media server attributes. Edited existing media server attributes.
  • Added geometry types MediaServerLayer, MediaServerCamera, MediaServerMaster, Display
  • Added detailed definition how a gobo image is interpreted.
  • Added more detailed definition of Geometry Type "Beam"
  • Changed value type of Channel Function XML attribute "Name"
  • Added XML property "CanHaveChildren" to fixture type node.
  • Added LegHeight to the properties collect
  • Added description about the origin of a fixture
  • Added XML attribute "InitialFunction" to DMX Channel, Moved Default from DMX Channel to Channel Function
  • Updated XML attribute "Color" of Emitter, Filter and Wheel Slot
  • Updated XML attribute "LuminousFlux" of Geometry type Beam

Note: The default meshes for Base, Conventional and Scanner were updated. The origin of the meshes is now the mounting plate.

We have been  implementing changes of 1.1 into the GDTF Builder, it is a work in progress, once done, we will announce it's release.

Kind regards


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