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Downloading trial GDTFs during the editing process?

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I'm new to the GDTF builder.  I would like to experiment with creating and/or modifying existing fixtures and download my work in progress to test on my console.  It appears that there's no way to do this -- you seem to be required to upload any changes made to GDTF-Share before you can download the resulting .gdtf file.  Or am I missing something?  I would prefer to be able to use the editor, download a draft version of the GDTF, test it, and make additional changes before uploading/sharing the final version.  Is there any way to do this?

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Currently, uploading is the only way to generate a copy of the GDTF file, it dupes the file, one for public Sharing...one for your 'desktop' or other location of storage.  Upload to generate the file, then go to public Share site and delete your upload...heavy handed but the only way at the moment to get a 'hardcopy' of your work in the proper format.


Good luck!


NB: deleting in this manner 'should' keep your work somewhat proprietary and under your control. Once it's at 'Share', for any period of time...it's exposed to the General Public on the interWeb.  Anyone can take your work, edit it, and call it their own...slightly unsettling, eh? It's especially so, when you generate custom 3D artwork models....;).

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Yes, the very intention of GDTF is that the format itself is open and free to implement and use, the builder is free to use and intentionally it encourages you to upload the file publicly online, as the whole intention of GDTF has been to fix the issue of proprietary vendor lock in formats. It still allows design studios to design custom stuff for clients either via Builder and delete, or via custom software implementations, which are very simple, given the open and also readable nature of the whole specification. We do not do any dark pattern stuff on the server or in transit to keep or look at the files. Once the files are sitting on the server, they are publicly accessible.

Hope this helps,



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