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Imporving Dmming range for visualisers


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Hi all,

I have created some custom GDTF RGBW LED fixtures for me to pixel mapping with using vision as the visualizer.

I am wanting to know how i can improve the range of intensity that I can see in Vision.

Currently the fixtures really don't show much difference between 10% and 100%

The RGBW fixtures do not have a master intensity and they are 8bit.

Is there any settings in the builder i should look at altering to make the dimming range visualize better?


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GDTF seems to provide metaData for visualizers to render...so if there is an obvious rendering issue in your visualizer, I would begin inquires at the rendering software sites..."Vision", et al; ask what they say about how their software is rendering the GDTF data....  It could be that your 'Physical Value' range is borked, but even if it's 0-1[DMX 0-255], there should be a curve over the encoder range of DMX values...just a quick thought without examining the provide example.


I'm using MA3, at the moment, to visualize the GDTF data...and at this point in MA3 builds, not all visualizing elements render; making it a tad tricky to sort through issues such as yours...DIM, PAN,TILT,GOBO[n],Color[N] seem to be all that MA3 can handle at the moment....have no experience with Vision and GDTF.


Good luck!

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So many things will affect your visualisation, including, but not limited to:

  • The fixture's dimmer curve; how the 0-255 DMX signal maps to luminous intensity.
  • Whether the visualiser has an HDR rendering pipeline or not; without it all intensities will be haphazard.
  • Whether the visualiser applies any form of automatic exposure as that could counteract your dimming.
  • The tone mapping strategy chosen in the visualiser.
  • Whether the visualiser is aware of or set correctly for the colourspace of your monitor; different colour spaces apply different gamma curves.

You really need to speak with the developers of the visualiser as otherwise you stand no chance of getting it right.

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