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Hi all,

We recently released three new updates to the GDTF Share Database.

  1. GDTF File Release Status
    GDTF files now distinguish between "Release" and "Work in progress" (WIP) status. Whenever a user starts to create a GDTF file, the file has "Work in progress" status. Once the user has finished the file, they set it to "Release". To change the status of a revision, enter the context menu of the revision and click "Change release status". A popup appears that gives the opportunity to change the release status. Once the file is set to "Release" it is publicly visible.

    There are new Global filters to filter for:
    -Releases and my files that are "Work in progress"
    -My files that are "Work in progress"

    When uploading a new GDTF file to the Share, the user now has the option to define whether the GDTF file is a "Release" or "Work in progress". By default, a GDTF file is uploaded as "Work in progress".

    With the introduction of the "Release" status feature, all GDTF files that were uploaded by manufacturers were set to "Release" while all GDTF files that were uploaded by users were set to "Work in progress".
  2. Manufacturer Folder Ownership
    Manufacturer's accounts now have the ability to moderate their manufacturer folder. It is possible that one manufacturer account can moderate one or even several brands. A manufacturer that owns a folder can see all released files and files that are "Work in progress" inside the folders they moderate. This includes files that were uploaded by another user and are stated as "Work in progress".

    Besides the actions that are possible with the files the manufacturer uploaded by themself, additional functions for moderating the folder can be done for all files:
    -Change release status of a revision
    -Rename a revision
    -Move a revision to another fixture that is part of one of the moderated brands
    -Merge the revisions of one fixture to another
    -Rename a fixture
    -Rename the manufacturer
  3. Multi-Download
    It is now possible to multi-download files from GDTF-Share.com. To enter the multi-download page, click the small "Disk" icon in the title bar. There are several options to customize the download. For example, you can download the latest revision of all released files, files that were uploaded by manufacturers or that have a specific GDTF version. Depending on the overall size of the multi-download, the GDTF files are packed as one or several .zip files.
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