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Builder Update - New Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes


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Hi all,

Below are new features, improvements and bug fixes made to the GDTF Builder.


  • GDTF 1.1 Support
    • Support for real acceleration
    • Media server geometries
    • Power consumption
    • Connectors for fixtures
    • Leg height for fixtures
    • Operating temperature by fixtures
    • New default geometries
    • Default channel function for channels and default value for channel functions
    • Animation wheel
  • View channels by geometries in summary page
  • Gradient component to generate wheels
  • Revisions are now shown in the Builder
  • Ability to auto convert GIF to PNG
  • Ability to switch the language


  • Updated Gobo to match GDTF 1.1
  • While copying DMX Modes, Mode Masters are now copied as well
  • Vertex Count now only shows the active geometry tree
  • Ability to use ESC in Modals to close them
  • Ability to reset UUIDs when you change the name
  • Ability to collapse all wheels
  • Unit switching for beam diameter
  • Added error to check if the Mode Master are inside the channel DMX bounds
  • Prevent negative values for Move in Black, Fade, Real Acceleration and Change Times
  • Undo and redo for Wheels
  • Show an error when you delete Mode Masters
  • Show the error from the GDTF Share while uploading
  • Ability to collapse the geometry properties

Bug Fixes

  • Add warning if the long name does not match GDTF spec
  • Better support for scrolling modal for Firefox
  • Chart scaling for wavelength is now improved
  • Fixed attribute input with empty attribute names
  • Fixed bug when parent physical form is not used
  • Fixed for Macros
  • Prevent name revisions that are too long
  • Minor translation improvements
  • RDM version name fixed
  • No longer allow "." in mode names


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