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Builder Update 5/31/21


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The latest release of the GDTF Fixture Builder is now live! Enjoy new features, bug fixes, and improvements. A detailed list can be found below:


  • It is now possible to invert the physical values from Channel Sets. 
  • New transform Controls allow you to better work in the 3D section of the builder.
  • The last state of the builder is now stored per user login. So if you accounts use the same PC, each has their own backup system. 
  • You can add a SVG as thumbnail next to the PNG image.
  • When adding Channel Functions to existing Logical Channels, you will now be asked for the attribute that you want to choose. 
  • There is a new button in the top right to directly go the GDTF-share for the revision you are currently working on.
  • You now can use the arrow key to navigate in the geometry page.
  • Add an alert before deleting a DMX Mode.
  • You can now open multiple GDTF by drag and drop them on the start page of the builder.


  • Fixed a crash when an attribute that has no feature.
  • Fix physical and transmission.
  • Fix loading physical and transmission data.
  • The colorspace is now stored during export.
  • Fix a bug that can happen when you reorder geometries.
  • The vertex count is shown correctly again now. 
  • Fix a bug where RDM personalities would be not saved correctly.
  • Don't allow the same attribute/geometry for different logical channels.


  • The steppers of Real Fade, Acceleration, Move in Black and DMX Change Time increase the values by 0.1.
  • The steppers of geometry position increase the values by 1 for millimeter scale.
  • When a faulty GDTF does not have a logical channel, we automatically create one.
  • Some UI overlapping improvements.
  • The 3D display in the DMX Page does not show the bounding box anymore.
  • The Add Connector button is now localized.
  • The Animation System controls are only shown when there is an Animation System.
  • Unused Channels are now shown in the Channel Chart in the Summery Tab.
  • All the linked DMX Modes are now shown for top level geometry.
  • More error checking on loading GDTF files.
    • - A File in the GDTF is compressed with an unsupported method. Use uncompressed ZIPs only
    • - Unexpected entry for InterpolationTo
    • - Unexpected entry for CanHaveChildren
    • - If two channel functions use the same DMX range, mode masters should be defined
    • - A DMX channel should always have at least 1 channel function
    • - A DMX channel has an unresolved initial function
  • The Bounding Box shows the right unit.
  • You can duplicate Connectors now.
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