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Din spec not clear which attributes are optional


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I'm writing an open-source GDTF-Parser for Rust. For me it's not 100% clear which attributes are optional and which are required. On some attributes in the description is written optional so I suggested if there is no optional in the comment field, it's required.

During testing I had a crash because on Page 35 ChannelFunction.ModeMaster is not defined as optional but in some GDTF-Files from GDTF-Share there is nothing there...

Did I miss something in the SPEC? Do I have to expect any attribute to be not present? This would be bad because there is no 'null' concept in Rust but only Optionals that have to be declared and then unwrapped every time they are used...

I would suggest for the next Version of the specs to add a column to every attribute if it's optional or not.

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