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Data Loss


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I just experienced an very disappointing bug with the fixture builder.
I was working on a fixture type for many hours last night and I come back only to find that the WIP revision that I saved is missing about 2-3 hours worth of work.

In more detail, I had been working on this fixture up til around 9:30pm last night, watched a movie, came back and opened the builder tab I already had opened and continued working on it until 3am at which point I uploaded the fixture revision and went to bed. Come back in the morning to test it only to find that the progress I had made after the movie is completely gone. I know this is the same revision cause the name is the exact same as what I set before going to bed.

My only guess is the session had possibly expired after I left my computer idle, but there was no indication on the builder that anything had happened and I was even able to submit a revision long after I had left my computer idle. Data loss like this is completely unacceptable!

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Hello @gabe927,

i am very sorry about this experience, thank you for your report.

While the browser is a very powerful tool that allows us to write applications in it, to eliminate cross-operating system issues, software distribution, installation and updates, it does have it's limitations and letting the tab to sit idle (and perhaps even allowing the browser/computer to go to sleep) is not advisable and you should always save. Same as you would not let the tab open if you were filing your government tax return.

>In more detail, I had been working on this fixture up til around 9:30pm last night, watched a movie,

Here is the place where you need to make the save. Depending on operating system, hardware configuration and amount of (free) memory, the computer might decide to kill the tab without any warning.

We will see if there is anything that can be done on our side, to mitigate this issue, thank you for reporting.

Kind regards


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