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now that I wrote a parser of gdtf files for D::Light I have some questions :)

I've tried Robe_Lighting@Robin_T11_Profile@25112021_without_real_world_spectral_and_intensity_data_2.gdtf, in "Mode 1 - 16-bit CMY".

first 18 offsets are feed, but starting at offset19 the offset parameter is blank.

What's the point to keep empty offset? (doc say that T11 in Mode 1 - 16-bit CMY have 18 offsets)


best regards,


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Hello @sl1200mk2,

these are "Virtual channels" - they do not control anything via DMX directly but can be used for example to create a virtual dimmer by adding a relation:


or allow to control a geometry in a visualizer. So the T11 virtual channels allow the operator to set things like tilt, zoom... in visualizer, based on real physical world values, so visualization can correspond to the real unit.

Hope this helps.





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