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regarding this .gdtf file Robe_Lighting@Robin_T11_Profile@25112021_without_real_world_spectral_and_intensity_data_2.gdtf in Mode 8-bit CMY/RGB, 9 channels

at offset 8 of this mode there's a ChannelFunction node written like that:

             <ChannelFunction Attribute="Shutter1Strobe" DMXFrom="64/1" Default="64/1" Name="Strobe " OriginalAttribute="" PhysicalFrom="0.300000" PhysicalTo="20.000000" RealAcceleration="0.000000" RealFade="0.000000">

                <ChannelSet DMXFrom="64/1" Name="Slow to fast 1/12" PhysicalFrom="0.294638" PhysicalTo="0.444664" WheelSlotIndex="0"/>

                <ChannelSet DMXFrom="68/1" Name="Slow to fast 2/12" PhysicalFrom="0.495074" PhysicalTo="0.596530" WheelSlotIndex="0"/>

                <ChannelSet DMXFrom="71/1" Name="Slow to fast 3/12" PhysicalFrom="0.647566" PhysicalTo="0.750257" WheelSlotIndex="0"/>

                <ChannelSet DMXFrom="74/1" Name="Slow to fast 4/12" PhysicalFrom="0.801938" PhysicalTo="1.548464" WheelSlotIndex="0"/>

                <ChannelSet DMXFrom="77/1" Name="Slow to fast 5/12" PhysicalFrom="2.109445" PhysicalTo="3.307805" WheelSlotIndex="0"/>

                <ChannelSet DMXFrom="80/1" Name="Slow to fast 6/12" PhysicalFrom="3.870541" PhysicalTo="4.661757" WheelSlotIndex="0"/>

                <ChannelSet DMXFrom="83/1" Name="Slow to fast 7/12" PhysicalFrom="5.018592" PhysicalTo="5.822651" WheelSlotIndex="0"/>

                <ChannelSet DMXFrom="86/1" Name="Slow to fast 8/12" PhysicalFrom="6.307083" PhysicalTo="7.762758" WheelSlotIndex="0"/>

                <ChannelSet DMXFrom="89/1" Name="Slow to fast 9/12" PhysicalFrom="8.733976" PhysicalTo="9.703447" WheelSlotIndex="0"/>

                <ChannelSet DMXFrom="91/1" Name="Slow to fast 10/12" PhysicalFrom="10.674859" PhysicalTo="12.610068" WheelSlotIndex="0"/>

                <ChannelSet DMXFrom="93/1" Name="Slow to fast 11/12" PhysicalFrom="14.558811" PhysicalTo="16.978910" WheelSlotIndex="0"/>

                <ChannelSet DMXFrom="95/1" Name="Slow to fast 12/12" PhysicalFrom="19.406895" PhysicalTo="19.406895" WheelSlotIndex="0"/>



Can you please explain me why it's splitted in part? Or would it be possible to have a new prop to tell that splitting is useful for a specific console ?

in D::Light world, ChannelFunction/ChannelSet are displayed in comboboxes which prevent a manual scrolling in range.

(because are we agree that Shutter is strobing from slow to fast in range from 64 to 95)?


best regards,





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Hello @sl1200mk2,

the sets are used in this way to tell the visualizer and the console the exact physical value for exact DMX value in cases where the relationship is not linear. In GDTF 1.2 this is solved by using curves which define relation between physical values and DMX values. In GDTF 1.1, we work around the issue by filling the channel sets. Historically, the builder required the name to be filled in so we did, but this was corrected and the name can be empty, which we try to do now. We will erase the channel set description, this will allow you to identify it as possible to skip and when 1.2 starts being widely used, we will stop using channel sets for this workaround.

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