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  1. FYI, the issue has been found and is fixed, it will be part of next maintenance release of the builder.
  2. Hello @mhersland, we do not experience frequent crashes but we also save regularly. The builder now displays warning after 15 minutes of time with unsaved data, to help you remember to save. You should make sure that you save when you change tabs/windows for a long time and also ensure that your computer and browser is stable and up to date. What system and browser are you using? What do you see when the crash happens? Kind regards Petr
  3. Thank you! Submitted as https://github.com/mvrdevelopment/spec/issues/128
  4. Hi @Paolo.Prolights, sorry about this, i have re-reported it again. P.
  5. Corect, they're not using references, I think they didn't know about it back then. We do use references pretty much all the time and we typically add custom models for the lenses too, for nicer look of the face of the device.
  6. Hello @mhersland, here is what you do: First, you define your pixel. It will be a new, top level geometry: this is the model pixel You define it as a Beam: Then you go to the DMX and add DMX channels for this pixel, only once: Then, you go back to the geometry tree and add this pixel to your geometry tree (Add child geometry) as a reference: and you add it as many times to the geometry tree as many pixels you want to have... essentially, you define it once and then keep clicking the Duplicate selection, or use the Multiple duplication and enter how many pixels you want to add: (Here, i added it 4 times). Now you adjust the x and y of each of the referenced pixels1,2,3,4... you must do this manually for each pixel. You will also now define the DMX offset for each pixel: Imagine that this pixel is controlled by RGBW, that is 4 channels. So when you are editing these referenced pixels, edit not only x, y, but also edit the address offset, alway adding 4 to the previous one. First reference will be at 1, second at 1+4=5, next one at 9, next at 13...: Now, if you look at the Summary tab, you can see that we now have four pixels, each with 4 channels. This way allows us to have a nicely defined pixel and dmx channels for it, then just reference it as many times as needed. You can change the beam properties of the original Pixel in one place and it is used by the references. The Luminous Flux (if you add this value) of this pixel should be a value of the real individual single pixel. We can now also adjust DMX channels in one central place and these again, are used by the referenced pixels. The file i used for screenshots is attached here. Hope this helps P. User_Test@Pixel_references@Pixel_references.gdtf
  7. Hello @mhersland, i think that what you are looking for is geometry references. This allows you to define the model just once and reference it many times. Look at some other multipixel fixtures, like some Strobes or the Spiider... hope this helps Petr
  8. @anebo yes, the API exists. Please email info@gdtf-share.com for access. Hope this helps P.
  9. Hi @AyrtonTerrier, sorry about the later reply. We added this to the GDTF Manual, see it here: https://gdtf-share.com/help/en/help/gdtf_how_to/key_handle_mode_dependencies.html Hope this helps Petr
  10. Hello @sl1200mk2, this is not a typo. These channels are defined by geometry reference of their corresponding pixels. You can see this in the overview of the GDTF builder, here is a screenshot for reference. Hope this helps, P.
  11. > In the manual it's written: To activate following functions, stop in DMX value for at least 3 seconds. > Why did you set 4s in the macros? This is because if the timing on the console is not precise (for example 2.9 sec instead of 3.0), the macro would not execute on the device We see this frequently with controllers. As 3 is the minimum value ("at least 3 seconds") , defining it 4 is OK. >also do you plan to update them for 'Power / Special Functions' offset? (offset 6) Do you mean for the rest of the Special functions? Yes, we can. >also, could you please fix the "Slow t ofast" typo 🙂 I re-reported this to our library maintainer.
  12. Hi Nicolas, the T1 Profile now contains several macros: ColorControl macros (these use just one channel + timing) and also few Control macros (Display on/off) (it uses the control channel + shutter channel + time). You can see the updated file here: https://gdtf-share.com/user.php?name=Robe+Lighting+s.r.o.&page=fixtures&fixtureID=2522 Btw, there is an API for software vendors to access the share programmatically, you can email info@gdtf-share.com for access. Larger companies use this API for syncing the share to their own access server. Cheers Petr
  13. Hi Nicolas, by macro i mean this: https://github.com/mvrdevelopment/spec/blob/main/gdtf-spec.md#macro-collect Does D::Light support that? I tried to figure it out but i could not find out. It is like a dynamic pallet, provided by the device file. Cheers Petr
  14. Does D::Light support macros? We could add the Control Macros to our Robe device files. Please let me know, thank you Petr
  15. PL&S has published their calendar, you can find GDTF related talks here (click through each day): https://pls.messefrankfurt.com/frankfurt/en/programme-events/events.html#/?day=2022-04-26&q=GDTF https://pls.messefrankfurt.com/frankfurt/en/programme-events/events.html#/?day=2022-04-26&q=MVR https://pls.messefrankfurt.com/frankfurt/en/programme-events/events.html#/?day=2022-04-28&q=15800
  16. The author of the file can add this in or you can also modify the file yourself but I am not sure what the uptake is in the DMX consoles at this point for the DMX Macros.
  17. Hello @sl1200mk2, You can do this via the DMX Macro (Macro in the Builder). This allows you to specify required channels and timing. Kind Regards Petr
  18. Hello @Benjamin Jurina, try approaching the manufacturer directly with your request, they might not be on this forum... Best regards Petr
  19. Thank you. We will correct the typo.
  20. Hello @Align_Design, it takes few minutes max. Are you using the same login? Make sure to sign in on the front page: Kind regards P.
  21. Hello @rubiolbernat, the builder already contains an error parser, you can see it on the last tab - Summary - Errors. Cheers P.
  22. Hello @Beglec NV, there is the idea for linking GDTFs but that is not yet developed further. You could probably either do this in MVR or what i would do is that i would make a GDTF for each product at this point. Kind regards Petr
  23. Hello Juan, let me pass this request to our GDTF library team. You can also contact them directly at libraries@robe.cz . We will create the GDTF file which you can then convert into MA2 in the MA share converter. Kind regards Petr
  24. Hello, most likely this is not visualized in MA yet, let me add @dmueller in cc to confirm this (thank you Daniel). Kind regards Petr
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