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  1. David "Rex" Whalen

    Download GDTF File Without Uploading

    You can delete the files you've uploaded...I've been doing this to remove early versions that are faulty in some way. Build something, upload to parse it out, then delete the online result. You still get the copy to your local drive...not elegant, but it works. Then,Drop the .gdtf into the builder to view.
  2. David "Rex" Whalen

    Fixture Builder = Good Job!

    It does help, thanks! I hadn't seen the updates to the format wiki with the model building outline. Some of the descriptions loose a little something in translation...I think, especially when describing the 'offsets' in model building. I've just uploaded my very first simple GDTF profile to the Share site, a 16 bit Dimmer as a ETC Source4 19 degree ERS with custom models! It took me a few attempts to get all the entry fields hooked up correctly...lol. Good thing you can delete files, ;). This was my testing of the waters...as it were. Web based builder seemed fairly stable, had some issues with editing an existing profile/default fixtureType with custom models and naming the Geometry based upon the workflow...if I referenced/uploaded the model file first then linked the Geometry to the existing Model, I could not edit the Geometry 'Name', arrives as Geometry1, Geometry2, etc.... When I Added a Geometry, then named it "Body","Beam", then referenced the 3DS files, all things seems to link fine. Also, in the DMX entries, if you edit a fixture to be 16 bit resolution and then all the channel sets and function sets to 16 bit to follow along, if you change Tabs to another step and then return to DMX, all the channel set 16 bit entry fields revert to 8 bit, except for the main Resolution at the head of the file. Not sure if by simply adjusting the 'Resolution' to 16 bit then defaults all the channel sets and function sets to 16 as well, but entry fields read 8 bit. That seemed odd, or I don't understand the paradigm for 'resolution' beyond 8 bit. Thanks!! Cheers! Time to celebrate the inaugural visualization in GDTF! Rex
  3. David "Rex" Whalen

    Fixture Builder = Good Job!

    The V 1.0 of the format and the Fixture Builder looks great! Seems intuitive and I really love the visualization while you build!! Also the ability to embed your custom 3DS files is appreciated! Love to know how 'pivots' are handled, seems as though World Origin is used as the reference.... Thanks from all of us out here! Rex
  4. ...chello World! lol...

  5. David "Rex" Whalen


    Thanks for the feedback...
  6. David "Rex" Whalen


    Good day! I see the new visualization format has a Community Forum where we may inquire and share success and challenges. My first challenge is to view and build these files, ;). Is there 'closed' beta program to become involved with? Are there any tools that currently write and view the files/models, etc... My goal is to write the 3D models I've created into the format protocol. Thanks! Rex

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