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  1. David "Rex" Whalen

    3DS respect file dimensions??!! Not

    It must be how C4D exports 3DS files, as this file is definitely not 2mm per side in C4D, it is 2 M x 2 M x 2 M...the default Size of the Cube Primitive in Cinema4D?? Here are the Preferences for Exporting 3DS files from my copy of C4D: Meters Here are the Preferences for Displaying Units in the C4D Interface: Meters Here's the 2Meter Cube in the C4D Scene. Notice Size is 2m, not mm. I've been Exporting 3DS files into MA Lighting MA3D for several years now for 3D visualizations; never had issue with Size or Scale of the models. Now, 2 programs say it's actually set to mm's...??! amazing and hard for me to believe actually...??? And I just checked in another 3D modeling/animation program I have and it said 2 Meter Cube...go figure?!
  2. David "Rex" Whalen

    3DS respect file dimensions??!! Not

    Oh, I agree, by changing the values manually, I do get a rendering now. This, to me, is not respecting the file's Size. I set the UI to Meters, it's Exported at Meters. It arrives as 2 mm...even when I set the UI to meters and have to again, as before, set the Size manually...the original observation I made on this build. For me, checking the box, does nothing as an improvement and the default Units of the UI don't seem intuitive... Ya, every time I Import this cube, it arrives at 2mm instead of it's exported units, Meters....even if I set the UI to Meters...that is not intuitive at all, imho. Rexy
  3. David "Rex" Whalen

    3DS respect file dimensions??!! Not

    Another observation:: This model was exported at the Size of 2Meters each face. Even when I change the UI to use M as my units the Import arrives with mm as default Size/Scale...
  4. David "Rex" Whalen

    3DS respect file dimensions??!! Not

    Certainly, glad to help. Here's a simple Cube primitive, exported from Cinema4D as a 3DS file AT Units set to Meters in the C4D Scene, exported at units set to Meters to 3DS. Geometry had Material[no bitmap] applied to it with UV mapping and a Phong shader set to ~80+degrees angle. Do a straight up Import using the Fixture Builder. When you Import the 3DS file, it's got size values now[with this test model] and a vert count, but no rendering in the UI? None of my earlier Imports of 3DS files had this issue?CUBE.3ds
  5. David "Rex" Whalen

    3DS respect file dimensions??!! Not

    Pretty much the same issues on a Windows10 laptop, Chrome, different 3DS file. Still very goofy Import.... The model I just uploaded has entirely wrong dimensions as it is not 2 mm x 2 mm....does have only 246 Verts, which should fall within the range to render, iirc, as to limitations on a 3DS model. I had no problems on the earlier version of the Builder, just sayin'....and now with new build and new features, I got's problems uploading...again, just sayin'...I have an observation; not saying it's right or wrong, it's what I'm observing at this moment in time, ;). Anyone else had no problems earlier but now do?? Just askin'... Rex
  6. David "Rex" Whalen

    3DS respect file dimensions??!! Not

    or this Windows 7 machine, cause IE can't even render the Fixture Builder page log-in page[no entry fields just blue background] on this same computer/device. I'll investigate more with a Windows 10 laptop shortly...
  7. David "Rex" Whalen

    3DS respect file dimensions??!! Not

    Me starts to think it's in the Tabs and the entry fields....not linking the data? All I got at this point.
  8. David "Rex" Whalen

    3DS respect file dimensions??!! Not

    Here are my Import results from the Model Tab, the first step of the process. I've named the geometry, checked Use File Dimensions, it's a 3DS File, I'm Uploading, I hit OK. This is the resulting object with no dimension data and you can zoom into infinity and not see any geometry. If I go into the Geometries Tab and select the Existing model, I still get no dimensions...?!! Huh? and you're using C4D as your CAD tool for generating the 3DS file? I can't imagine what I'm doing horribly wrong...? I'm thinking it's in the uploading process maybe, I can't believe there are Zero Vertices in the 3DS file...?!? Which would make it indeed a non-rendering object... good thing more than one individual is working on this paradigm, ;), cause we are not all using the same programs to generate fileTypes, imho, or browsers since this is web based tool. Chrome here, U.S.A, Windows 7 machine, C4D 16[I think]...and now when I go back into the Geomery Tab, the selected geometry has a vert count??! Goofy...I've not had issues with earlier 3DS files and rendering...but now seem to. David/rex
  9. David "Rex" Whalen

    3DS respect file dimensions??!! Not

    Ya, the MA Lighting 3DS Importer is fairly good at respecting dimensions, irregardless of the GUI 'units' the interface is set to. Again, I say it's more 'default' to accept the file's settings....or at least parse the data to the entry fields for evaluation.
  10. David "Rex" Whalen

    Add Geometry parsing

    Observation:: When choosing an existing model from the bottom of the scroll-down menu, the Name of the file/object does not parse over to the Name entry field and you are given the default Geometry string as the name and you cannot edit it to the actual name of the file/object further[delete Model/reImport with proper Name], even though in the Model Tab of the Geometry portion, the name is correct in the Model List...?! Confusing/frustrating to try and edit the 'name' of existing geometry in the Scene.
  11. David "Rex" Whalen

    3DS respect file dimensions??!! Not

    Oh, and the 3D Viewport on the web based Builder does not reflect the Unit measurement[mm,cm,in,ft,m] entry fields of the input fields...
  12. David "Rex" Whalen

    3DS respect file dimensions??!! Not

    Observation:: With the latest build of the Builder, I've noticed the 'choose file dimensions' as a check box on the Import; great idea. This doesn't seem to parse the values over to the web interface however; IE, the dimension boxes arrive with 0 value and thus the object/model/file is non-rendering in the GUI....that's slightly confusing?! I have to manually input the actual values of the file....:}, which is no better than previous build where a default value was jammed into the entry field...and I had to look up the models actual dimensions and manually input them to get a proper Size of the geometry. I think/hope most modellers/3D artists construct to a logical size and/or MFGers specifications on the drawings/DWG/DXF files...just sayin', as the hippy kidz say they're saying...lol.
  13. David "Rex" Whalen

    MVR filetype

    It does help, I see where it fits in now, from the 3rd party render/controller linking...thanks.
  14. David "Rex" Whalen

    MVR filetype

    Is there any intention to allow the Fixture Builder to also generate the .MVR filetype as a feature update? That's a suggestion I have for a future release...or is the intent to have the 3rd party rendering apps like Vectorworks do this heavy lifting? Thanks
  15. David "Rex" Whalen

    Big Plan - Small Budget

    The online fixture builder allows for building objects/models from either a default range of primitives/parts or Imported 3DS files you create yourself/purchase. The online fixture builder should be the only 3D program you'll need to create either the .GDTF or .MVR files, it's an 'open-source' parser of the data. The fixture builder generates the .GDTF file format and it would be great if they improve it to also spit out the .MVR type as well, but at the wiki for the format you'll find this explanation of the file: IMHO, What it will take to really get full benefit from this paradigm leap in standardization is to be able to create an uncompressed zip folder[eh, maybe checkSum as well....]and some low cost DMX control/visualizer software that consumes the formats; eventually. MA Lighting series comes to mind immediately as the fixture profile schema follows very closely how MA desks understand "fixtures"; ;), and MA3 will consume GDTF as well, not sure about MVR. To me, GDTF is about allowing manufacturers of gear/fixtures to be able to control how their items function across a spectrum of platforms...and getting everybody on the same page in how we conceptualize 'attributes' and how they're controlled. Rex

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