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Creating a Fixure in GDTF


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A lot of modes on the fixture, and only a quick glance, but the only thing that seems a bit off is some of the Default DMX values for ColorsRGB. Some colors have a full 255 DMX as a default[green for example], seems this would leave green color attribute at FULL as default, causing physical output of Green as default.


Also, polyon numbers seem a bit large on the source 3D model for such a simple 'shoebox' type fixture with a square source. The Body of the object with the heat sink fins looks like an enormous amount of polys/verts...and most likely doesn't need the level of detail the numbers generate. No ouput may be the type of geometry the 'Beam' 3D object is. Not 'normal' needs to be a 'Beam' for output.


Good luck!

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My pleasure, Brothers...enjoy 'programming' since I learnt Basic, so many summer fields ago in Computer Science class; the first such curriculum in my high school in `81, that's right; last century...

I also have a very quick and detailed eye, gets things done, as they say...and under budget, ;).

Stay healthy!!


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