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UPDATE: GDTF Fixture Builder


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Good news: the GDTF group has released the GDTF Fixture Builder v1.10, which was developed based on feedback from early adopters and manufacturers. It’s an ongoing process to simplify the creation of GDTF files, and this is an important step toward that end.

In v1.10 of the Fixture Builder, you’ll find RDM support, 3D resource scaling on upload, helpful tool tips, and more. For a full list of new functionality and improvements, check out the Fixture Builder release notes .

Plus, the GDTF group continues to receive great feedback from manufacturers who support the file format’s development and hope to see it continue to succeed. As a result of this feedback, we have further improved the capabilities of GDTF files by including clear definitions that allow for the specification and control of media servers.

To learn more about these recent changes, or to receive help or training on using GDTF and the fixture builder, please reach out to info@gdtf-share.com to arrange for a consultation with the GDTF group.


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