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Hey Y'all,

Maybe this is a thing and I overlooked it in the WiKi, but, for global changes in regards to channels such as Control, and other of the sort that are identical on fixtures with numerous modes, is there a way to make say, 1 set of all the Channel Attributes for a channel, and update that "instance" which will then get applied to all the Channels looking at that "instance"? When firmware's change and there are global updates to these types of channels, it's going to be very time consuming to touch each mode to make sure it's implemented correctly, especially when you have to add or remove channel attributes.




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Hi MattG,

nice idea. I'm afraid that it will become confusing and complex if this kind of linking would be done in the xml. I would suggest having something like a "apply changes to the same channel in other/selected modes" functionality in the builder for quick editing of several modes at once. 

What do you think @mgeasey@clearallvisualsllc.com ?


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