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    The 3D visualization of the grandMA3 in version 1.0 does not visualize all attributes yet. For example, the visualization of the framing is one of the attributes that is not supported in the current version.
  2. dmueller

    GDTF-Share--->Fixture Builder????

    @David "Rex" Whalen Could you please check your popup setting on Win 7. Popups need to be allowed in order to open a file in the Builder.
  3. dmueller

    GDTF-Share--->Fixture Builder????

    Hi Rex, I tried it with the latest Chrome, Firefox and Edge and all of them are working fine on Windows 10. Best regards, Daniel
  4. dmueller

    Pixel Orientation

    Ok, now I understand what you mean. It is not possible to change the pixel orientation dynamically at the moment. I have created a Feature Request also for this topic.
  5. dmueller

    Global Channel Groups

    Sounds good. I will create a feature request ticket for this.
  6. dmueller

    Pixel Orientation

    Hi MattG, could you tell me a fixture where I could take a look at it? Cheers, Daniel
  7. dmueller

    Global Channel Groups

    Hi MattG, nice idea. I'm afraid that it will become confusing and complex if this kind of linking would be done in the xml. I would suggest having something like a "apply changes to the same channel in other/selected modes" functionality in the builder for quick editing of several modes at once. What do you think @mgeasey@clearallvisualsllc.com ? Cheers, Daniel
  8. dmueller

    DMX Break Not Staying When Duplicating Geometries

    Hi MattG, thanks for the report. This bug will be fixed with the next release of the GDTF builder. Cheers, Daniel
  9. dmueller

    Dual Mode Masters.....??

    I will have access to an LED strobe in my office next week. I will do some real-life tests with it. I guess the visualizer has to handle the behavior of Duration vs. Rate and when the strobe as a result of both values is full = wash. This is taken from the manual of the Robe Colour Strobe: I think handling this with a mode dependency would only be a "hack" for visualization. Cheers, Daniel
  10. dmueller

    Linear Beam Output For Linear Lens Fixtures

    Hey MattG, next will be the definition of a rectangle beam shape. Cheers, Daniel
  11. dmueller

    Mode Masters Resetting

    Hey MattG, thank for the report. I can recreate the issue. Mode Masters and also Relation Follower gets lost if I change the name of a Geometry. Cheers, Daniel
  12. dmueller

    GDTF 3D to MA2

    @mgeasey@clearallvisualsllc.com Could you please attach the GDTF file that has the problem with the output in grandMA2. Or did you upload the file to the GDTF Share and I can download it from there?
  13. dmueller

    Dual Mode Masters.....??

    How would it be in real life? Duration and Rate have to be at full to have the LED stay on? I had a look at the Atomic 3000 LED. Duration is 7-650 ms Rate is 0,289-16,67 Hz Does the LED stay on if the duration is > 1/f ? For example if the Duration is 500 ms and the rate is higher than 2 Hz?
  14. dmueller

    No Relations exported

    I guess I found the issue. The GDTF export of the grandMA3 does not export the file with the custom name of the channel function but with the default name (which is "Name of the Attribute <blank> Index of the channel function -> e.g. Dimmer 1). If I change the name of a channel function in the GDTF Builder, upload the file and open it again in the builder everything is fine. The grandMA3 displays the custom name of a channel function only when you edit a fixture type. The encoder bar does not display the name of the channel function but the pretty name of the attribute that is assigned to the channel function. Pretty names of attributes in grandMA3: If you import a fixture type that has custom pretty names for its attributes these custom pretty names will only be used in the grandMA3 if the attribute does not exist. If the attribute already exists in the attribute definition (Menu - Patch - Attribute Definitions) the grandMA3 will use the properties of the existing attribute. This is the same behavior as it is in grandMA2.
  15. dmueller

    Does GTDF have offline editing

    Hi ian, the GDTF builder is only available online. Kind regards, Daniel
  16. dmueller

    Linear Beam Output For Linear Lens Fixtures

    The Geometry Type Beam can have every shape you want (with a custom 3ds file). For the beam itself: Currently, the GDTF specification does only have properties to describe a beam origin that is circular (Geometry Type "Beam" Property "BeamRadius" - Description: Beam radius on starting point. Default Value: 0.05; Unit: meter.). Properties to describe other shapes of beam origin are on the list. At the moment I would create a rectangular Geometry Type "Beam" to represent the combined surface of the LED output. Unfortunately, the beam origin and the beam itself would be circular.
  17. dmueller

    Special Relations DMX Channel Bit Specific

    I could not recreate this with the fixture builder. Did you import/export the GDTF with the grandMA3? The grandMA3 will take care that the names of Channel Functions are unique. If the names are not unique the grandMA3 will change the not unique names to a default name as defined in the GDTF Specification (Name of attribute and number of channel function). In the Builder it is possible to edit the DMXTo of a channel set. So you do not need to manually add "NoFeature" Channel Sets to fill the gaps. The "NoFeature"- Channel Sets are added to the GDTF file while uploading it.
  18. dmueller

    Special Relations DMX Channel Bit Specific

    Hi Sille, there is one error in the second channel function of the Red channel. The builder indicated an invalid value of DMXfrom. Is this what you mean? There is a typo in the xml that causes this issue: <ChannelFunction Attribute="NoFeature" DMXFrom="256/1" ModeFrom="128/1" ModeMaster="Beam_Control1.Control1.PixelMode 2" ModeTo="255/1" Name="" OriginalAttribute="" PhysicalFrom="0.000000" PhysicalTo="1.000000" RealFade="0.000000"/> Exactly - these are the Mode Master Containers. I guess you mean the name of the channel function (a channel function does not have a pretty name). This name has to be unique as it is used for linking inside the xml. For example, this name is used as part of the link to a Mode Master: ModeMaster="Beam_Control1.Control1.Control1 1" Nice description of Mode Dependencies btw. Cheers, Daniel
  19. dmueller

    how to create multple beams on a single object

    Hi all, the origin of the GDTF file defines its insertion point. The specification does not prohibit to move the top-level geometry away from the origin. But it will maybe confuse the user if the object is not inserted at the position he expected because of an offset of the parent geometry object. It is possible to have a geometry without a model linked. The current version of the GDTF builder does not support this yet. The next version will do! Cheers, Daniel
  20. dmueller

    Built In Effect Macros

    Hi MattG, a first definition of Macros and Visual Macros is part of GDTF 1.0. Find it here: https://gdtf-share.com/wiki/GDTF_File_Description#Macro_Collect This definition by far does not yet cover all requirements to map any built in effects. It is on the list to improve this part. Once this is done some kind of an editor will be added to the builder. Cheers, Daniel
  21. dmueller

    No Relations exported

    Hi Sille, unfortunately, I can not recreate an issue related to the export of relations. What did I do: Exported fixture profile with virtual Dimmer (= Relations) from grandMA3 as a GDTF Imported this into the Builder Uploaded the file to the GDTF share Opened the file in the Builder again No issues with the relations. Could you please attach the profile that made the issues? The pretty names of the attributes from the GDTF attribute definition are not supposed to be changed by the user. The builder will use the original pretty names for attributes that are defined in the attribute definition. Nevertheless, a custom pretty name can be defined for a custom attribute. What is your intention to change the pretty name of an attribute? Cheers, Daniel
  22. dmueller

    Linear Beam Output For Linear Lens Fixtures

    Hi Matt, I am not sure if I understand you right. Do you want to create a beam with a non-circular shape coming from a non-circular origin? Kind regards, Daniel
  23. dmueller

    **Bug** Duplicate Selection

    Hi MattG, thank you very much for the report. The random integers are a bug in version 1.1 of the GDTF builder. This bug is already fixed for the next release. Duplicated geometries will then be inserted with an offset the same as their dimension on x and not a random value. Kind regards, Daniel
  24. dmueller

    DMX::WheelSlot entry field

    Hi Rex, we already improved this for the upcoming release of the GDTF Builder. If a channel function has an attribute that is supposed to be linked to a wheel, the wheel link is shown on the main dialog of the channel function. Also, an error is indicated if no link to a wheel is set in this case. Best regards, Daniel
  25. dmueller

    Continuous Pan/Tilt Functionality

    Hi MattG, as Petr said we are tracking the request for attributes to describe continuous pan and tilt (and a set of other additional attributes). They are planned to be added with the next release of the GDTF specification. Cheers, Daniel

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