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  1. dmueller

    GDTF down?

    Hello Brothers, Thanks for the report. The connection of the grandMA3 to the GDTF Share is now working again. Best regards, Daniel GDTF Team
  2. Hi @Paolo.Prolights, continuous pan and tilt rotation is not yet visualized in the grandMA3 3D window. Best regards, Daniel
  3. Hi @Paolo.Prolights, issue with this GDTF file is that it is a compressed zip. A GDTF file shall be uncompressed zip. After I removed the compression the parser of the grandMA3 library correctly parsed the name of the fixture. I can recreate that patching the fixture fails in grandMA3. I have to take a closer look what is the reason for this behavior. Kind regards, Daniel
  4. The GDTF Builder 1.3.12 is now online. Improved in this release: Fixed: it was not possible to enter values for the property Beam Diameter of geometry type “Beam”. Fixed: DMX values were not properly recalculated when copying a channel function to another DMX channel that had another resolution. Fixed: it was not possible to reorder mode master containers by drag ‘n’ drop. Fixed: parsing errors in the fixture template „Moving Mirror”. Improved stability.
  5. Hi Ryan, I tried to access the Builder with the latest Chrome and Firefox and it is working fine. We will have a look if we can figure out what caused the downtime of the Builder. Cheers, Daniel
  6. Hi ketchman77, could you please attach a screenshot of the error. I tested it with the latest Chrome/Firefox/Edge and the login to the GDTF Builder is working fine for me. Kind regards, Daniel
  7. @lyon470 You can find the definition in this chapter: https://gdtf-share.com/wiki/GDTF_File_Description#Model_Collect
  8. Unfortunately, you found a bug in the grandMA3 Visualization. It seems that ColorAdditive Attributes on the same level of the kinematic chain but in different geometries (Led4Eck, Led Rund) are mixed together to the same color instead of being independently controllable for each of the geometries.
  9. dmueller


    The 3D visualization of the grandMA3 in version 1.0 does not visualize all attributes yet. For example, the visualization of the framing is one of the attributes that is not supported in the current version.
  10. @David "Rex" Whalen Could you please check your popup setting on Win 7. Popups need to be allowed in order to open a file in the Builder.
  11. Hi Rex, I tried it with the latest Chrome, Firefox and Edge and all of them are working fine on Windows 10. Best regards, Daniel
  12. Ok, now I understand what you mean. It is not possible to change the pixel orientation dynamically at the moment. I have created a Feature Request also for this topic.
  13. Sounds good. I will create a feature request ticket for this.
  14. Hi MattG, could you tell me a fixture where I could take a look at it? Cheers, Daniel
  15. Hi MattG, nice idea. I'm afraid that it will become confusing and complex if this kind of linking would be done in the xml. I would suggest having something like a "apply changes to the same channel in other/selected modes" functionality in the builder for quick editing of several modes at once. What do you think @mgeasey@clearallvisualsllc.com ? Cheers, Daniel
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