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  1. dmueller

    Continuous Pan/Tilt Functionality

    Hi MattG, as Petr said we are tracking the request for attributes to describe continuous pan and tilt (and a set of other additional attributes). They are planned to be added with the next release of the GDTF specification. Cheers, Daniel
  2. dmueller

    Reference Geometry and DMX

    Hi aTOM1C, please have a look at the Clay Paky Show Batten (DMX Mode: Pixel Engine RGB) I have uploaded to the GDTF Share. This fixture has a set of 10 LEDs that can be controlled individually. There is one geometry called "Pixel_RGB" that is referenced to 10 times. The DMX Channels that control the Emitters are linked to the geometry Pixel_RGB (that one that is referenced to). The DMX offset of the different Emitters is set in the properties of the Geometry References. Here is the resulting DMX footprint: Kind regards, Daniel
  3. dmueller

    Download GDTF File Without Uploading

    @MattEBVAt the moment it is not possible to download a file without uploading it to the GDTF-Share. @e.n.shirokovIf you want to download multiple files at once click on the "disk" icon in the upper right corner. To download all files select Version = 1.0 and click on "Download.zip" in the lower right corner.
  4. dmueller

    Fixture Builder = Good Job!

    Hi Rex, thank you very much for your feedback. I tried to reproduce the issues you have mentioned regarding geometries. I created models called Base, Yoke, Head, Beam. After that I added geometries, named them and linked the models I had created. It worked fine for me. I was also able to define a name while creating the geometries and to rename the geometries and models afterwards. Could you please describe more precisely what you did when it did not behave as expected. Resolution: The DMX values in the GDTF file are exported to the file with the resolution that is set for the DMX channel. For example all DMX values of a DMX channel with a resolution of 16 bit are exported as x/2 to the file. Changing the resolution of the individual input fields only simplifies the input of values. At the moment the resolution of the input fields does not change if you switch between DMX channels, but the resolution of the input fields is reset to 8 bit if you change tabs. I guess the resolution should also be kept if I switch the tabs. Kind regards, Daniel

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