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Vision Not Showing Fixture

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Hey everyone,I recently built some GDTF fixtures and imported them into Vectorworks. Then I assigned the GDTF fixture mode to the correct fixture. However, when I import then file into Vision using MVR, I only see the beams and not any of the actual fixture. I could control most of the fixtures features but the position was wrong. All of the fixtures I made are by Vello Lighting and this was my first time creating fixtures in GDTF. What error could I have made in my process? 


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When you constructed the fixture in the webBuilder...and when you Imported your 3DS files[if custom], did you see the model rendering in the builder?  Did you use default fixture models?


I'm gonna speculate that it's Vision and/or VW reading the MVR file incorrectly.  The web builder references the 3DS files and packs them up in the MVR/suitcase/container, so, if you extract or unpack the MVR file you'll find the 3DS in a nested folder...seemingly just fine.  I think Vision and/or VW is not finding the nested asset...within the MVR structure.  Just my guess, though....since it is not physically rendering.

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Saying you used 'default' visualizations...then.

Well...again, I would have to venture a guess that it is the end user platform[Visualizer--VW--you don't diagram your control config] not correctly reading how the file is structured....and it then becomes a question to those parties...Vectorworks, Vision, etc...


I am working under this axiom: This site and the share site are being produced and maintained by those parties involved with pioneering the formats and thus; if things are visualizing here and not in the end of your workflow chain...well, the problems are lying somewhere in between the two programs. It is incumbent upon Manufacturers accepting the format to be following the development of GDTF...afterall, it's in their best interests.  Have you inquired at your visualizer or at Vectorworks forums/support??

These types of glitches will be around until all parties get on the same coding page...and the format is utilized more; that's software development, not a bug; just an unintended feature!

Good luck!

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