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GDTF discussion on the Lighting Nerds Podcast


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Hi guys,

i listened to your discussion on Friday, certainly a good talk about GDTF, the name check was totally unexpected 🙂 , thank you 🙂

All credit here to the team, both in the GDTF group and also in Robe - to the guys collecting the data and punching it in 🙂

As for the few things i remember i wanted to comment on:

- gobo rotation between fixtures/manufacturers - yes, GDTF is providing mapping between control and physical, so as long as you say what speed and direction you need and the data is present in the GDTF, the console has the ability to send out the required DMX for multiple fixtures to work in the same way.

- as for the prism visualizing in the builder, this in fact does exist, see here:



As for "ensuring that manufacturers do a good job", i wish that that includes both fixture manufacturers and also console manufacturers 🙂

Please feel free to ask here any question that you might have raised i missed now,

And keep up the discussions going,





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