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Parsing Errors after correcting channel function defaults


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When Default DMX level options were added to Channel functions, not having defaults entered showed up as errors.  After adding the default values, file works fine, but when loading into GDTF Builder, there is a list of Parsing Errors.  Is there an error code list somewhere so I can figure out where to start looking?  Thanks.

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How can have 2 default values one channel DMX ? Is not correct value if you put more than 1 default value. I think the default value need to be near Highlight value, not in channel function box. This is my opinion.

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Patrick (?) - I'm happy to take a look if you want to send me the file - as I'm parsing the file in a different way it might be easier to spot.  Or not.  Feel free to send to nick<dot>morris<at>avolites<dot>com.  I can work with either the full zip or just the description xml.

As for @stevebig's comment that is how it was in GDTF version 1.0 and I tend to agree.  There is now InitialFunction which tells you which Channel Function default is the 'main' default.  I am struggling to see how all the other default values per subgroup of functions might actually be used or accessed in a control environment.  I don't know if anyone supports this at the moment.  Certainly if I were writing the files I wouldn't have too many expectations for these values!

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The channel default is defined by logical channel → initial function → channel function default value.

The channel function defaults are used when channel functions are switched automatically based on channel dependencies. In that moment, the uses might want to have a value different then the lower bound of the channel function, for example to have a middle value.


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By the way, I think the Parsing Errors that @ARRI-GDTF has in their files is because the Builder does not accurately validate nested dependencies. 

Basically, imagine the following:

  • Two ChannelFunction in a Channel
  • Switching between the two ChannelFunctions is achieved by each depending on a different ChannelFunction in another channel. 
  • The Builder now can't tell that the two ModeMasters are mutually exclusive due to their respective ModeMasters and complains the two ChannelFunctions at the end of the ModeMaster chain overlap. 

I've attached a minimum working example. 


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