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While it is great that custom attributes can be created, we must still endeavor to use common names whenever possible, else the number of columns on a console gets super long, AND fixtures may end up using different names for the same function.

Platforms, such as Unreal Engine, that are beginning to incorporate GDTF, require the mapping of certain functions to different places in the platform (i.e. RGB for pixel mapping), so it is important to use , in this instance, "ColorAdd_R", "ColorAdd_G", and "ColorAdd_B", as opposed to Indirect choices, or what have you.

Also, the use of Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), Tint, and White Point (For Calibrated RGB Color Space) are becoming more common.  Currently, GDTF uses native attribute options of CTO, CTB, and CTC.  It would be helpful to add CCT, Tint, and White Point, as they are becoming more common in regards to LEDs and especially Mixed Reality stages.  The ability to use "wildcards", "CCT(n)" would also be helpful.

Finally, since the use of "C" normally applies to Color Wheels, to avoid confusion when needing custom color parameters (channels that can have a completely different function dependent on Mode Mastering), would it be wise to introduce "CP(n)" to delineate custom color paramters, with wildcards?


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Good points.

As for the new attributes, Tint already exists (we must add physical unit, i think this should be ΔUV defining the amount of shift from the light source's defined ΔUV).

What do you think would be the physical units for CCT and White Point? Kelvin?

What would those custom color parameters be? It does makes sense to be specific, of course, if possible...




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The most common description of "Tint" is based on a Green/Magenta Shift, built upon the Gel concept of Full Minus Green (-1) to Full Plus Green (+1).  This is a more familiar concept to programmers/gaffers than ΔUV, though I assume that parameter would be useful in certain applications.

Yes, the correct physical Units for CCT would be °Kelvin.

Regarding Custom Parameters, it is important to also add the "wildcard" (n) option.  Using the simple C1, C2, etc., has caused confusion since the "C" often refers to a Color Wheel.  To leave that assumption in place, I would propose adding a "P" (Parameter) with a wildcard option...CP1, CP2, etc.  This concept may also be useful for custom parameters in other Activation Groups B(eam)P1, BP2, etc.   With the ability of Mode Mastering, a DMX channel may sometimes control CCT, and in other instances, it may control Red, or Hue, or some uncommon attribute. 

I would also add the wildcard option to other standard parameters, where there may be more than one channel controlling, say CCT on another emitter instance of the fixture or perhaps a base White Point underneath a color parameter.  The same goes for Tint, or perhaps may be useful for multi-instance fixtures, such as the Mac Aura, instead of having the Aura be a ".1" fixture.   I would suggest the structure CCT, CCT2, CCT3, etc. for additional instances of common attributes.



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